Just Jazzy 265

Jazzy Does 100 Days of Happiness 52

Happiness is discovering a long lost "first chapter book" from your childhood has been safeguarded by your sister for all these years.  (Anyone else remember Honey Bunch?)

Happiness is discovering that a long lost “first chapter book” from your childhood has been safeguarded by your sister for all these years. (Anyone else remember Honey Bunch?)

7 thoughts on “Just Jazzy 265

  1. I have Honey Bunch – Her First Trip in a Trailer! It was my mom’s book when she was a kid, and I dutifully read it, but all I remember is that their housekeeper said, “This place isn’t big enough to swing a cat!” and I got all logical – “Well if you held it close to your body and swung from side to side you could, but if you mean, hold it by its tail or something and swing it – why would anybody even THINK of that?”
    I should reread it and see if I understand it better now! 🙂

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    • I used to wonder about that expression until I looked it up one time and found out it wasn’t talking about the animal, but the cat o’ nine tails–at least, I think that was it. (Guess I shoulda googled again before starting to type this!). Anyhow, that makes more sense, yeah?


      • That does make sense! But now it seems less appropriate for a kid’s book! (Just kidding – I’m sure the author was just trying to capture the quintessential housekeeper of her time.) But it is funny to me how I can still remember the utter confusion I felt as a kid when I read phrases like that.


        • Here’s my own favorite (and my own stupidity, exposed): My mom used to walk in the door from shopping and say to us four kids: “This place looks like a cyclone strucket!”

          I always wondered what a strucket was. Imagine how I felt when one day AS AN ADULT I suddenly realized what she’d been saying. Talk about “Duh!” 🙂

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  2. I love books, and had many favorites. My mom gave away everything I owned the minute I left for college. My grandmother left me my four favorite books of hers and my mom instead gave those to my sister’s three-year-old. You can imagine what occurred. But:

    I had the books that I took with me to college, and I still have them. 🙂 And:

    For me, happiness has been each time I’ve found in a thrift store an undamaged copy of (the same version of) a childhood favorite. 🙂 🙂


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