4 thoughts on “Just Jazzy 292

  1. YOU forgot to mention the glass of wine?! Hah! OH…you left that out purposely, didn’t you? Had you gone down that road, the cost of the date would have escalated as glass followed upon glass… 😉


    • ….until you don’t trust yourself to pour anymore and just drink it straight from the bottle…. 🙂
      I’m taking antibiotics at the moment, so shelved the wine for the time being. All the more for Jazzy.


      • I’m poppin’ Cipro, meself. Am I not supposed to drink when taking drugs? Hahaha! It makes sense. No doctor has ever ONCE told me that. They probably figured “She can’t be so dumb as to drink–she’s here for infected kidneys (again).” The fools!

        Or, are they not the foolish ones? This hard cider I’ve been swilling has me all confoosed.


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