One Crazy Little Chick


When she heard that baby chicks could be hatched from incubated chicken eggs, it seemed like a simple enough procedure to find out if It was true.

Since her new winter boots always kept her feet nice and warm, she decided they would no doubt make perfectly excellent chicken hatchers.

She carefully snuck two eggs from the fridge, placed one in the snug toe of each boot, and promptly forgot about them for the duration of the long wait which came next.

She remembered well enough after she was asked to put her coat and boots on to go outside,  responding to the request by wailing and screaming at the top of her lungs about broken eggs and squished baby chickens and life being generally just dreadfully unfair.

Now, although she doesn’t know for sure if that was the first time her confused and exasperated mother threw up her hands and demanded to know what in the world was the matter with her, she can tell you with a great deal of certainty that it definitely wasn’t the last.


Five Sentence Fiction – Confusion

6 thoughts on “One Crazy Little Chick

  1. My daughter and her husband keep chickens. My granddaughter Rita started to crack a fresh egg for her breakfast one morning, and heard a cheep. The egg finished cracking, and a baby chick hatched. They family watched over the chick as it grew, thinking to make it a pet, but one of their seven dogs (the bird dog) got it and killed it. Your chicken story is also tragic. Did you crush the eggs, I.e., were you the little girl?

    Hey aren’t you retired by now?

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    • What a delightful story! Except for the chickens demise in the end.
      Yes, she was me. You just can’t make stuff like this up. lol No, there were no crushed eggs. I pulled them out of the boots and handed them over to my mother. I don’t know if I ever explained to her how they got there. Maybe she was afraid to ask.
      Last day of work is tomorrow!! Yay!


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