Art du Jour 2

I have a deep respect for anyone who can look at a face and draw it and end up with it looking like the face they’re looking at. My results always resemble distant relatives. If not complete strangers.  So I’ve learned to like surprises.

This morning the ground is covered in snow and it’s still falling in big fat white flakes.  A man with a black umbrella walks his little dog on the slushy sidewalk.  Our neighbour returns from his daily trip to Tim Hortons but he won’t be sipping his morning coffee on the deck today.  Kids on their way to school saunter by with snow on their backpacks and their hatless heads.  Tough northern teens too hardy and cool to care about frozen fingers and frost-bitten ears.  Who would not be caught dead with an umbrella.

Big plans for the day – fill up the bird feeders for the blue jays, finally go through my ancient paints and discard the ones that are old and dried up and useless.  Make a list of what needs to be replaced.  Pay some bills. Try not to die from all the excitement.  Stay warm.

5 thoughts on “Art du Jour 2

  1. As you make progress into your new life you will be surprised at all the exciting times you will encounter. I retired ten years ago and can’t believe how quickly those years have gone by. Winter is the time to make things. PS, I don’t recognize her either.

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    • I’m hoping to work on one new thing a day. Even if in the end there are a hundred unfinished projects, at least I’ve been working on something. If you ever do come across this lady in real life you will recognize her by her large teeth….lol

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  2. Be warm and paint.
    Brush strokes strong not faint
    Watch the winter through the window
    Hot chocolate maybe in the low winter’s sun glow.
    Youngsters chilling in the snow goths draped in white.
    Early evenings drawing in, close the curtains against the night.
    You’ll find the days scurry by as you learn to retire
    So many things you will re learn, it will set your soul afire!

    Big hugs!! xxxx

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