Art du Jour 10

imageimageThis is just some more practice and experimentation or busy-work or whatever you would like to call it.  Sketches and sketches and more sketches.  Maybe I will try some perspective landscapes when I’m tired of noses and eyelashes.

Last day with my grandchildren, heading home tomorrow.  The sun is shining but the weather has turned crisp and cold, so driving should be fine.  If all goes well, this is movie theatre day this afternoon.

We have been playing a sketching game, where each player draws a picture chosen from a list of possibilities on a playing card, and whoever draws that picture guesses what it is.  The artists get points for having the players guess correctly, so it makes sense to try to produce a drawing which is easily recognizable.  A little black dot on a blank page, or a simple square is really difficult to figure out without some context clues.  You are also rewarded for speed, so it’s an interesting mix.

It’s a Monday off school and work, so bonus weekend day for everyone.


Stay warm.