Six Things and Then Some

The highway going north, except this trip it wasn't that green.

The highway going north, except this trip it wasn’t that green.

Three things about the road trip last Sunday:

1.  Dry, bare roads in the sunshine encourage me to drive faster than the speed limit.  I used to have a little four-cylinder car that wanted to die going up the hills.  Now I have a car that wants to pass everything.  Twinned highways are the best.

2.  There are spots along this route where there is no phone service and no radio reception.

3.  I have favourite bathroom stops along the way.  Because I’m not fond of surprises.

The highway heading home, except not that bad because there was no drifting snow.

The highway heading home, except not that bad because there was no drifting snow. This time.

Three things about the road trip yesterday:

1.  There were scary sections where slushy ruts had frozen solid.  Black ice was a definite possibility.

2.  There are a lot of big truck operators who do not observe Remembrance Day as a holiday.

3.  I seem to be honing my skills for missing turns on arrival anywhere, including home.  I drove by the turn off I should have taken, took the next one, and drove into a maze of new residential developments which I then had to find my way out of.  Once I knew where I was, I took yet another TWO wrong turns.  Talk about your scenic route.

Six things that will make me read a blog. (A Nano Poblano Random Prompt)

1.  Lists and random photos.  (So, is this working for you??)

2.  Likes.  I like how Word Press suggests taking a look at the likers posts.  I like to do that.

3.  Common interests.  Or completely uncommon interests.  This is a wondrous place.  I especially like to read blog posts by people who have answered the same prompt.  Or by people who have tackled the same subject.  Or by people who have written about subjects of which I have no knowledge whatsoever.

4.  Recommendations by people whose blogs I already follow.  If I like you, chances are very good that I will also like whoever you like.

5.  Comments.  If someone new takes the time to comment on something I write, I will make a supreme effort to check out their blog.  My supreme efforts sometimes fall short, but I am trying to bump up the supreme part of that and get better at doing it.

6.  Reading the comments on other blogs often prompts me to click on the commenter to see what else they have to say.  I am really nosey.  I have found a lot of incredible blogs that way.

What makes you read a blog and decide to follow it?  Are you still reading this, or did your mind wander before making it through to the end of the first list?  Do you think I should start using the direction finder thing on my phone???

Have a great Wednesday!  I’m off to sign some important business papers.  Supposing I don’t get lost.


20 thoughts on “Six Things and Then Some

  1. My list:
    1. I am very very happy I no longer live the part of Canada (ie almost all of it) that has to deal with snow (drifting and otherwise) and ice (black or otherwise) for 7 months of the year. Ten years in northern BC and the Yukon was enough. When I first came to Canada many people told me to look out for black ice, but no one told me how I would recognise it or what to do if I found it. Needless to say I found it the hard way.
    2. I always visit the blogs of new likers and new followers. If the liker’s blog resonates I’ll comment on their blog and then sometimes they become followers and sometimes I also follow their blog.
    3. I usually look at recommendations from blogs I follow. Sometimes there’s such an immediate connection I follow right away.
    4. I always look at the blogs of new commenters and sometimes at the blogs of commenters on other people’s blogs.
    5. Have a wonderful day. Is it sunny where you are. In Vancouver it is cold (by Vancouver standards) and bright sunny 🙂

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    • It’s a bright sunny day here today too but COLD by any sane persons standards! 😄 I think all Canadians should head to Vancouver for the winter, never mind going south. I like your list. I have a healthy respect for black ice. And yes, that was also learned the hard way.

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  2. Every so often I scan through the recommended blogs or freshly pressed tabs, but by far the blogs I follow consistently come from paying attention to those who frequent blogs that I already follow. I agree that commenting makes a huge difference as well…if you take the time to write, I will take the time to see what a blogger is like by visiting some of their posts/pages.

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  3. My list would be very similar to yours. I pay particular attention to comments on other blogs. I find it gives me a good idea of who the person is and what they are like, and then I’ll go have a look at what thye are up to on their blogs.

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  4. I use to take many scenic routes back when I drove. I didn’t mind as long as I didn’t need the bathroom.

    I usually check out those who follow and like when I have time. Occasionally I read other peoples comments. But the main thing I do is make sure I read those who are loyal to me. I get stressed when my emails get past 30 like today.


  5. I’m trying to remember what you wrote. I like the idea of linking old posts to the new post, but I have read some of those posts links my own blog, and fear I am reaching the age where I repeat myself. I am trying to be as graceful about this as I can, but no one likes becoming a cliche.

    Now what else did you write today? Oh yes, you have issues with getting lost and like to use the same toilets. You also like dual highways. All you need to get along is a familiar highway with friendly toilets and good road signs…right? Following up with fellow bloggers should get you there.


  6. I try to check out the blogs of every follower and commenter, and find interesting posts to comment on. I rarely follow anyone, because I am a slow reader, a slow thinker, a slow typist, an opinionated know-it-all, an almost-compulsive commenter, and a bit OCD about having to read it ALL.

    So I’m sitting here unwashed at almost 10:00 am angry and trapped, trying to catch up on others’ posts, and still hungry for breakfast.

    But not angry at YOU, Grandmalin. Never think that. (You owe me a coffee. WordPress owes me several for dropping you yet AGAIN from my Reader!)


    • Your morning sounds much like mine. I think I will just catch up on the blog world for a bit and suddenly two hours have flown by. Who has time to make intelligent comments on everything? Obviously not me. Well, maybe one or two a day. Is it really my turn to buy coffee??


  7. Um…I came back (bathed and fed now). Is it just me, or…it must just be me. Many of the male bloggers I follow, or whose posts I comment on–rarely or never visit my site. Whereas many of the females visit once, occasionally, frequently, or Follow.

    Some of these same males I do see Liking and commenting on other women’s sites, so I guess it is just me. My thang just ain’t their thang? My humor appeals to more women than men, perhaps.

    In one case, though…there’s a male humor writer who is deadly funny (I admire and follow a handful of really funny men). He…I wrote my usual comments on his site, attempting as others did to be witty, and unlike the other male humorists, he….got snotty. Did a male ego feel like someone was trying to one-up him? Perhaps.

    I don’t know if you read Daniel Is Funny, but he has a wicked post on this, in another context:

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    • Men in general are funny in more ways than one. Best not to overthink these things. Men never do.
      It’s so easy to misinterpret comments when they’re just words on a page.
      I read that blog post and found the whole thing a bit snotty. Funny but snotty. Maybe he’s just got a snotty sense of humour.


      • Oops. Better clarify that he is not the humor writer who got snotty to me, although dingbattishly obvious how I led you to think so. A sequiter meant to be non.

        You were very tactful and water-calming : )

        Daniel is mostly silent, but he has only been perfectly polite. Yes, his humor can be snotty and sarcastic. The non-virtual me is a total snot, so there’s some real-world appeal there 😈.


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