Allergic to November

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It’s one of those dull and dreary overcast snowy days and I’m sitting inside my house sneezing my face off.  Would you not think all the airborne allergens would be frozen solid by November?  We have a constantly running air purifier on our furnace and I have another small one right beside me supposedly sucking the impurities out of my breathing space. Maybe I’m allergic to my choice of tissues.  Wouldn’t that be funny?  Whatever.  I’ve given up trying to figure it out and will eventually get tired of my sniffling and watering eyes and take a 24 hour relief allergy pill.  The strange thing is, tomorrow I may be perfectly fine with no symptoms at all. It’s a perfect day to stay inside where it’s warm so that’s my current plan. I am working on a drawing which is all about perspective and vanishing points and proportions and who knows how many other “p” words.  If pain in the ass comes up, you will never see it. This morning W got the stitches removed from his right hand where he had a procedure done to straighten out his ring and pinky fingers.  He has to wear a splint to keep them straight and will be going to some kind of hand rehab place starting next week.  My sister recently had carpal tunnel surgery on her right hand and is still in recovery mode.  Last night I started knitting a cotton dish cloth (you are officially old when you think this is an interesting way to spend your time) and my right hand went all tingly and numb so I stopped.  Taking frequent breaks helps.  This doesn’t happen when I draw.  Yet.   I cannot imagine what my mood would be like if my right hand suddenly ceased to function normally. Well, the problem is, I CAN imagine it and it’s not pretty.  So let’s all be grateful for the use of whichever hand we use the most to get through our day!  If you don’t type with a pencil between your teeth or paint with your feet, you are one of the lucky ones. Okay, I’m taking a pill now.  Because my nose is going all tingly and numb.  Along with my brain.  Hey, it’s a day and it’s a post   My work here is done. nano

14 thoughts on “Allergic to November

  1. Your pictures make me miss snow. For about a minute.

    The tissues: It may not be allergy, but they may still be giving you allergy-like reactions. Many tissues have chemical additives, or perfumes, that many people are sensitive to. Target’s unscented un-dolled up tissues have worked for me.

    The hands: A bit nerve-inducing whether related to aging or not. I splined a large slider screen a month ago this coming Sunday, giving my right forefinger a workout. Since then, the finger has more increasingly recalcitrant. My sister Meg has an odd tendon and synovia probably-autoimmune disorder, and since she and I share so much else, I begin to suspect…and don’t want to know.

    Meanwhile, I shall buy a splint today. She must sometimes splint all her fingers, for which reason I, in sisterly love, call her “Meggy Splinterhands”. You can imagine the words of sisterly love with which she responds.

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    • If I never saw snow again I can’t imagine ever being nostalgic about it. Thanks for the tissue heads up. I just try to find something that doesn’t feel like sandpaper. Yes, sisterly love is a glorious thing. 😄
      The doctors told W his curled in fingers were hereditary. I should warn my kids.


      • You actually should. My mom’s fingers would lock closed, or “snap” or pop open. Called “trigger finger”, and if present in 30’s w/o other arthritis indicators, autoimmunities are biggies. MAYBE would have caught on to my lupus sooner.

        Besides, don’t kids give US worries enough? Time to repay your children’s kindness, even if it requires implanting hypochondria.


  2. The snow looks so nice. Nice to enjoy looking at it from in doors. Forget about talking about the hands. Corpal tunnel, trigger finger and swollen when ever. For me its been sinuses. Squinting meds up my nose and using claritin. It started in the spring and been lingering. I think they are pumping something in the air. Hope you get some relief. Enjoy your weekend.


    • My mother had weird sinus problems too, so it could just be something I’ll have to learn to live with. But yes, who knows what’s in our air. Hope you have a great weekend too. ❤️


  3. Welcome to retirement. My hand goes numb and tingly from spending too much time on my iPad. I have air purifiers everywhere…everywhere. Winter is so much fun. And yes, I know its still Autumn, but our temps this AM were in the low 20s and I’m in the South. Thanks a lot for the cold front Canada!


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