Art du Jour 11

Whew! I was having some sketch withdrawal issues there for a minute.  So this was a lovely calming exercise for a Saturday morning.

My perspective work of art so far consists of many straight lines vanishing into the vanishing point. It looks a little like a shrinking black hole.  I got tired of staring at the page wondering what to do next.  The above satisfactorily bumped me out of a perspective induced hypnotic trance of sorts.  I don’t really know what that is, but I’m pretty sure I was in one.

My astute observation for the day:  eyelashes are easy to over do.  A lot like applying mascara.  Too much and you reach clown status.  Go ahead, critique the eyelashes!  I can take it!  (No I can’t).

Back to the drawing board to build my city street on its way to oblivion.

But first…..more coffee.  It’s shaping up to be an awesome weekend.



8 thoughts on “Art du Jour 11

  1. One of my Art “teachers” in college–

    (in quotation marks because in one entire semester of Life Drawing, he showed up for our three-hour class about half those hours and stayed dead silent in terms of critiquing our work or offering constructive advice–with ONE exception, where he helped me for ten minutes and advanced my drawing ten years. Ticked me off that he could have helped us all brilliantly all along!)

    –in an Oil Painting class when I brought in my second oil painting ever. an attempted self-portrait, criticized the fact that I’d added eyelashes. Since I don’t have any. Well, I do, and they’re long enough, but quite sparse and blond–typical for a redhead. Back then, I wore no makeup of any kind.

    It was true that when I’d painted my own face, it had looked so ugly to me that I’d wanted to prettify it, but also true that to me, the eyes looked incomplete without ANY lashes.

    I think my Art teacher was a poopyhead. And your drawing makes me happy, eyelashes and all. 😊


  2. Stick figures! Never got beyond them. How I envy you. I remember in year seven painting a snow scene (what would I know about snow or painting). The teacher saw something in it, I know not what now, that I have tried to recreate without success. Good stuff, gran. xx


  3. To tell the truth, I didn’t notice the eyelashes until you mentioned them. I think they must look like that..all stuck together…becuse she wears mascara. What I noticed is her hair, which needs a good shampoo. Otherwise, she looks fine.


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