Art du Jour 14

Anyone else ever wake up in the morning with a burning desire to draw an elf?  If anyone at all says yes to that, I can only assume we are twins who were separated at birth.  However, as you can see, this is not an elf, although I had to stop myself from making that little ear all pointy.

The elf is still a possibility.  But today I’m also thinking PAINT.

Who knows where the day will end.  (Only my secret twin.  Scary thought.)

Okay, I do have a couple of sane things to say.  W is off to hand rehab.  But his fingers are straight and moveable and so much improved, I can’t imagine they’ll keep him there for long. Tomorrow is our anniversary, in case I forget to mention it then.  Forty three years together.  Unless you take away all the separate vacations.  Hey, time apart is very important.  You do whatever works.

Eleven straight days of mindless posts to go!  Haha. I am on such a roll.


12 thoughts on “Art du Jour 14

  1. With Maggie ^^^up there^^^. Double A’s. No not bra size….Anniversary/Art. Carrying on seems to suit you and W.
    Where do you find your fascinating faces? Do these people (babies included) live in your attic?


    • I don’t know what’s in my attic….. but thanks for making me wonder. lol I find faces on Google! Then I put them on my I-pad and sit there constantly refreshing the screen until I’m finished. Sometimes I combine two faces in to one. Sometimes this is a disaster.


    • Nope. The hardest kind of art to do is portraits, to catch the exact traits and essence of a person. If I did a family portrait, close relatives would ask – who are those people?? I think I’m getting closer though. With some of them there’s a vague resemblance. It’s always interesting to see what they look like when I’m finished, because I never know.


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