Art du Jour 15

imageGood Morning!  It’s Elf Day at Breathing Space.  Anyone besides me remember when you made the big switch from black and white TV to glorious colour?  If not, this is what it was like.  After drawing the first elf, I decided he could do with some brightening up.  Which is like smartening  or cleaning up, but more colourful.
imageThis one was done last night under artificial lamp light on top of a textured piece of mixed media paper or something.  He could use some work too, but I lost interest and fell asleep.
This guy held my interest a lot longer.

There are big fat fluffy snowflakes falling today, and our neighbour is out shovelling both our driveways!  Can we pick a neighbourhood or what?  W often does his driveway and sidewalk with the snow blower, so I guess he’s feeling obligated to reciprocate.  Anyway, it’s appreciated.

Have an Elf-ishly happy start to your weekend!

10 thoughts on “Art du Jour 15

  1. I remember passing from black&white TV to the coloured screen. It was like magic. I loved television’s magic so much that it became a part of my career for a while.
    I think there is too much competition for the handsome elf, so I would kindly pull myself out from the line. Maybe next year on Elf Day, you may scetch us two handsome elves (or more) so that as your art’s fans, we can share gently.
    Happy Elf Day! Thank you.

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  2. I was thinking of making my own Christmas cards this year if I run out of the ones I had bought. We shall see if my new box of crayons will be put into good use… Very creative artist, you are!


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