Art du Jour 20

I am kind of ridiculously happy with the outcome of this one. White and black on coloured paper. Not bad for a first go using this technique.  I will get a better blending white pencil if there is such a thing and more coloured paper.  This was fun.

Had to abandon an earlier attempt at a baby face which was turning in to a grumpy old man with wispy hair.  They can’t all be masterpieces, right?  When it starts to get either frustrating or simply hilarious, time to let it go.

Well……here we are on the last day of a post-crazy month.  I’m thrilled with all the new blogs and amazing people I’ve come across during this endeavour and with WordPress telling me my site is generating more interest than usual.  They wouldn’t lie to me, would they?  The stats became suspect to me when some fluke in the system indicated my best day having over 800 views.  The average here is probably 50. Unless I mention Johnny Depp.  And that day I didn’t.

The only (considerably less than exciting) news I have today is that I’m going to make Apple Crisp so that I have an excuse to turn the oven on.  The floors are cold and so are my feet.

We’re having ourselves one of those quiet lazy Sundays,  staying in out of the cold.  Watching the daylight disappear.  Along with November.

Thank you Team Pepper for letting me be on the team, even though I didn’t necessarily know or understand or follow all the rules or have much of a clue what game we were playing.

Did we win?


30 thoughts on “Art du Jour 20

    • Best childhood days I remember were when we were snowed in and waiting for the weather to get better. There was nothing else to do but relax. So that’s what we did. I hope your kids will have good memories of these special days too. xx

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    • OMG, it’s doing that everywhere. I can’t see the falling snow on my I-pad, but I remember it from last year. I do like the kind that you can switch off when you’re tired of it.


  1. so beautiful i can never understand when an artist is not happy with something that looks so great, but then i realize that the artist has their own idea of how they want it to look but I love it, it reminds me of the old fashioned kind of pictures i used to have in my room when I was growing up, the features, everything. Ps i also love the snow coming down no your background x

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