Art du Jour 23

This was interesting to do because the paper is textured. And blue.  Her face is completely made up by me.  Sometimes it’s fun to just start drawing with no model or photo and see who you end up with.  In this case it appears to be a ballerina who stayed out in the cold just a tad too long.

Speaking of weather, which we weren’t, but we are now, our snow is melting!  Water is running down the driveway.  So I can’t go out, because what if it suddenly freezes and I slip on the ice and fall down and kill myself?  I can use the weather as an excuse for pretty much any scenario.

In other unrelated news, today I started organizing my pantry cupboard because I’m sick of trying to find things while other things hit me in the face.  All I wanted to do was make note of the baking supplies I have so that I don’t duplicate them.  Then I reorganized another cupboard and the fridge and finally the fridge freezer.  For just two people, we have a hell of a pile of food.  I probably have enough raisins to last me for the rest of my life.

So now I’m all prepared to go shopping, and for once, the list of things I don’t need is longer than the list of things I do for the things I want to make.  Like butter tarts totally loaded with raisins.  Whether you like them that way or not.  What else can you do with a ton of raisins?  I’m open to suggestions.  As long as they aren’t too complicated.

Hope your Thursday is going well and that you’re happy and warm wherever you may be.  Not like the blue Christmas fairy up there with her frozen eyeballs.

14 thoughts on “Art du Jour 23

  1. Banana walnut RAISIN muffins, rice pudding with raisins, cinnamon raisin bread, raisins soaked in brandy for…a little afternoon treat, trail mix, but you must have M&M’s as well…
    Oh, and my address to send these treats to 🙂

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  2. I really like the cream color you added with the blue paper! And your post made me laugh out loud. Thank you for sharing! As for the raisins.. All I can think of is cinnamon rolls, or soaking them in rum, although I’ve never tried that.

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    • My mom used to hide wax paper wrapped coins in birthday cakes, and then fret about kids swallowing them. I don’t think anyone ever did. Now I have to look up clootie dumplings. These raisin ideas are making me hungry.


  3. Your girl has tears in her eyes from the cold. Once a year, around this time, I go through my cupboards and look for duplicates. I pack these in bags and give them away. Although destined for the Food Bank. They often end up with one of my girls or another.

    Too good to not share…I am in the I between age where Almost everything annoys me and I don’t give a rats ass about most things… 😄

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  4. One of my favorite snacks is raisins and raw walnut pieces, jumbled. Quite delicious, and you can decimate large mounds of both ingredients remarkably quickly–more than is wise for both wallet and waistline.

    As soon as I opened the post, my quiet inner self gave a loud “OH!” at your drawing. I like it ever so much. I immediately wondered if you had invented the face, and when you said you had, I wondered why I had wondered that.

    I think it’s because you’ve included aspects of both you and those you love, and this has mixed together features of different ages (and genders?) in a way nature would not–the chin line of a very young child, the upper faceline of an older person. The total, with its charming features you provided, adds to an enchanting, fey creature that the viewer knows only subconsciously isn’t naturally-occurring.

    Or that’s all a lot of hogwash, and it’s just another pretty face, and the blue paper makes it look fancy. Whatev’s.


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