Winter Weather Jots

For those of you who don’t already know it, this month is officially Just Jot it January, or JusJoJan.  See, I have the sign to prove it.  You can even click on it for the link.

imageIt is also cold outside, and I have proof of that too because I took a screen shot.

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My new weather network app informed me this clear sunny Sunday morning that the temperature outside was -34 C, feels like -43 C.  So it’s gotten considerably better since then, right?  Except that the early dark always makes me feel colder.

I got rid of my old weather app because it always showed me a pretty rural landscape which appeared to have inclement weather happening somewhere in front of it, or off to the side with little actual effect on the blue sky and green grass.  There was also a big bold and annoying sign hanging in the sky telling me how lovely the premium features of this app would prove to be if only I would decide to purchase the upgrade.  So I deleted it instead.

I live with a weatherman, and the app is just a heads up, so that when he stands in front of me looking out the window to inform me that it’s snowing, I can say I already knew that.  Today of all days he decided he had to get out of the house and do something.  So all by myself I have had to figure out that it’s snowing heavily in B.C. and there is dangerous freezing rain in the Maritime provinces and Newfoundland has some crazy winds going on.

It’s a very good day for all sane Canadians to stay inside and read a good book I think.  This thought brings us all the way back around in a circle to the first prompt theme for JusJoJan which happens to be Reading.  See how I did that?  But, back to the jotting part, the rules state that we can also jot down random thoughts and share them.

Being currently in a very share-y mood and a chronic haver of random thoughts, I decided to go through my list of the puzzling things I have on my notebook phone app.  Little pieces of paper can go missing or be thrown away.  These, on the other hand, tend to accumulate and defy deletion.

1.  dates, rice flour, coconut, espresso powder? (I think the question mark indicates that I feared not being able to find such a thing because it might not exist)

2.  sit in the fridge for 10 minutes (recipe instructions that cracked me up)

3.  4:20 pick up time 23rd (I believe that was about a bus on holidays.  You don’t want to miss a holiday bus.)

4.  Appt at 1, be there 15 min early, allow for traffic and parkade and bicycle accidents (Good advice I guess)

5.  A little mini list of my grandchildren and each of their birthdays.  (I remember doing this one, because I got tired of being asked their ages and having to be vague about it.  Bad grandma.)

6.  Scrubber Vileda (because brand names are hard to remember)

7.  A long and involved recipe for  Lebkuchen  (although I’m not even sure what that is)

8.  Sorry, I was busy expanding my inner bliss in to the universe. (Always put you excuses in writing)

9.  Glop is a valid scrabble word (Who knew?  Probably every scrabble player but me)

10.  De-calcify pineal gland (what?)

There’s  more than ten, but you probably don’t care what my cell phone bill amounts are.  Or the prices of organic produce.  Frankly, neither do I, once the moment has passed.

Well, that’s entirely enough jotting for one day.  There will be a new prompt on the 10th.  I’m sure I will be able to flub my way through that one too.  Or glop.  I could also glop.  Maybe I should jot that down.

9 thoughts on “Winter Weather Jots

  1. Grandmalin, you blessed us all with this post (as of course you have with others : ). How could I have missed hearing about that vital medical condition “calcification of the pineal gland”? Thank goodness I now know the harm it can cause, and the steps I can take to scrape those nasty chalky mineral deposits right off that tiny brain part (e.g. Eat less meat, think positive thoughts, etc.–who’da’ thunkit?)

    Best, my research led me to this wisegeek site, where I found both heartbreaking stories of crusty-glanded gals and guys, and insoiring tales of successful de-scaling.

    Here are my two favorites I thought you might also enjoy:

    “All this talk about the pineal gland is making the inside of my head vibrate. I think I feel it, and the rest of the little glands in that area: hypothalamus, pituitary, pineal. Sit and feel it.”–anon257049

    “…I even went to have dentures made and that was in August 2011 due to my illness sucking out my calcium….I saw this article and just now have figured it out. Wow.The Pacific Northwest will be hit by a huge earthquake which will trigger a tsunami, my gland tells me. I am not scared at all for some reason. I am getting supplies together and heading for Mt Rainer above 6,000 feet on that day…I hope I am wrong, and then again I might just die before I could ever have top teeth.”–anon262924

    Whoa, Grandmalin. Heavy stuff, I think you’ll agree.

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    • Isn’t it amazing the new things that are discovered every day for us to worry ourselves sick about? I could have happily lived the rest of my life in total ignorance of all the potential pineal gland problems floating around out there but one little medical article ruined it for me.

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  2. Well I am so glad that I stopped to read this before going to the gym!! I am so glad that you are doing JusJoJan. You have cheered me up for the day. A day I was not on the least ready or wanting to face. God bless you. 🙂 big hug xxxx


  3. What you don’t know can make you crazy. I love reading about medical things, but this over the top. I don’t even know where my Pinael gland is located. I once worked for a fellow name Jorge del Pinal, but he died.


    • For every article you read about something, you can find two more to disagree with it. An open mind gets quickly confused. Which is probably why I’m so confused. I’ve decided not to worry about my pineal gland calcification. It’s on it’s own.


  4. I was caught off guard by your weather report screen shot. Gross. But I know exactly what you are feeling… EXACTLY 😉 January (any maybe February, and sometimes March) can often be the worst part… oops, I mean the only bad part… about being Canadian


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