Art du Jour 30

I wonder why I can’t see the things that are wrong with a drawing until I take a photograph of it.  By that point I usually don’t care enough to go back and fix it up.  Some of my fix ups have been disastrous, so I’m trying to learn to just leave well enough alone and try harder next time.

This one is all about the smirk.  Or sucking on ice cubes,  I can’t decide.

It’s still cold here.  But it’s still January, isn’t it?  The daylight is increasing in little leaps but no bounds yet.  Soon the lack of sufficient lengths of it will no longer be a valid excuse for whatever you’re trying to get yourself out of, or merely put off, which in my case is painting something on a canvas.  That’s two very awkward sentences in a row!  Fix them up for me, would you?

It’s getting dark and I’m hungry.  This has been the worst Art commentary ever.  I’ll try harder next time.

11 thoughts on “Art du Jour 30

  1. LOL! Made me laugh at the end, and I so know what you mean about not seeing the mistakes until you take a photo. I find the same with my cards. I take a photo and look and think – “where did that come from?!” I blame it on my 52 year old eyes – and I guess the zoomy in of the camera. But this is another LOVELY work of art! Oh to have your talent! Go eat! Nobody likes a Hangry blogger! 🙂

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    • I ate and am no longer hangry. I came back and looked at this and thought she looks sort of like a very young Debra Winger. Maybe it’s something I ate….? Yes a photo and a change in the light can make things look very different.

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