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Snow is gently falling this morning and if there is any wind at all, it is gentle too.

My Saturday morning house is quiet and the January light reflects off the gently rotating hangy-things dangling across the kitchen window.

Yes, there does appear to be a photo in this slide show which doesn’t belong.  It is meant to show that beauty can be found on a cluttered kitchen counter.

I am about to begin session three of my gentle stretching of miscellaneous newly awakened muscles.

There are miles to go before I sleep.

Feel free to take all of this and shape it in to an epic piece of poetry.  My brain is currently tuned to the gentle setting and won’t cooperate.


17 thoughts on “Gentle

  1. I wish we had snow here right now. I miss it when it is soft and quiet and falling silently…then get all bitchy when it turns to ice and I have to drive in it.


  2. Gentle breeze kisses the snow
    Skipping gently over the yard it will go.
    Glass ornaments hang making coloured fractals dance
    Cluttered worktops full of mystery and romance.
    The lady of the house gently teases
    Tightly knit muscles, which with stretches she eases.
    It may be many miles until tonight
    But she with happy soul will sleep tight!

    Loved your thoughts and photos so I could not resist your invite to make a poem!

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  3. Even before your photos, your description took me there. Felt the soft quiet blanket of snow wrapped around your world and the cozy warmth of being inside looking out with the light coming through the happy colors of your kitchen window. What a delight to get to “be” there with you. Thanks!

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