14 thoughts on “Typoe

  1. Among the bits clinging to the dirty underbell of the internet is the fact that, once a person hits a certain age and stage, s/he floods her/his family and friends with emails (or texts!) consisting of supposedly-amusing stories, cartoons, and vids.

    NOOOOOoooo…!!! we all feel when we get yet another one of these mails.

    So why is it that I don’t feel this way when I read one of Barbara’s humor posts, or when you do this one? I guess because you guys so carefully curate your selections for we of exquisitely excellent taste. πŸ˜€

    The “aliens” one started to slay me, but the funereal-faced “Typoe” finished me off.
    I laughed so HARD!!! Thank you, Grandmalin.

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