Drink Drank Drunk

wine and cheese wine for dinner

We drank our coffee, we drunk our coffee.  We did not get drunk on coffee, and that is why, although it is acceptable to ask who drunk all the coffee, we don’t because of the association of the word ‘drunk’ with intoxication.  It just sounds better to say ‘drank’.

I would also like to say think, thank, thunk.  Because English.  It thunks.

Thanks to Electronic Bag Lady and her bag of bits, I now know the meaning of this excellent word:  QUAFFTIDE  Go there for the definition of the word, and stay for many good reads.  I think you will thank me later.

Now if you had asked me yesterday if I was done with homework for the rest of my life,  I would have told you yes.  But then EBL also said this.

Your homework is to tell me your terms for quafftiding like it’s 2015, and ideally also to relate an anecdote about such a party. It may involve Pan-Galactic Gargleblasters if you wish, and be purely hypothetical. No photocopiers should be harmed in the production of your story.

Although it wasn’t written in that exact annoying colour or font, still I have decided to take it seriously.  Never having outgrown my nerdy tendency to complete all homework assignments ever given to me,  I will now ramble off all the phrases I know or have used personally to describe what happens to you when you participate to an unhealthy degree in quafftidling events.

 sloshed, buzzed, wasted, shit faced,

three sheets to the wind, tipsy, pickled, pissed,

trashed, hooped, under the influence, plastered,

hammered, blind drunk,

on a bender, ripped,






loaded, half cut,

out of your tree, and totally wrecked.

There are probably more I’ve forgotten (and most of these are no doubt no longer popular in 2015)  but that’s all I’ve got, likely because of what all that booze supposedly does to your brain cells.  Contrary to what you might have been lead to believe (because I often talk about wine and like to put words into wine glass shapes) I don’t drink much at all anymore.  My doctor asked me how much alcohol I consume on a daily or weekly basis, and I said  “Just the occasional bottle of wine.  Shit!  I mean GLASS.  Glass of wine.  Gawd.”

I drink more when I’m on a holiday or with people of like mind who are also drinking of course.  And I certainly did my share of partying in high school and university,  and socially whenever we could get away with it while our kids were young, until we decided we should set a better example for them.

I remember how impressed W’s university friends were on a couple of occasions when I was able to keep up with them consuming draft beer.  Some guys are just so easily dazzled.  I don’t remember ever seeing any Pan-Galactic Gargleblasters though.  When I’ve had enough to drink and can no longer feel my feet, I say goodnight and go to bed.  So it’s entirely possible I passed out before they joined the party.


17 thoughts on “Drink Drank Drunk

  1. I have a good friend (she’s a great friend) like you in terms of a hollow leg. She was born and raised right down the road from a famous liquor distillery, and I’ve always wondered if her mama breathing in those vapors had something to do with the babe’s later tolerance.

    Here I’m lifting my pint for a quaff;
    On the stool-but-one over, a toff:
    He sits weeping a tear,
    In his foam-laden beer,
    He’s not tying one on, but laid off!

    Poor toffy. He may turn into a quaffer, and then behave quaffingly. And if it weren’t for you, Grandmalin, I’d never have poked around and learned that those latter q were words. Thank you, Grandmalin.


      • Had I not been so tired, it really WOULD have been brilliant, and tied together the concept of what a toff is, and managed to work in quaffer and quaffingly. But i am d#mned tired. And still awake, trying to catch up on everyone’s posts, and haven’t yet begun my own for the past week. D#rn you all to h#ck!!

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  2. I’ve been bladdered and occasionaly pished as a fart but, like you, I don’t drnk half as much as I talk a good game and take myself to bed when I’m sweating right down to my ankles. The last one is only used in my house but I won’t go into details though I think I did blog about it once. I blame the Drambuie and measuring freehand. Puggled I was.

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  3. I have a good friend who always claimed he got “drunker than Cooter Brown with a skunk in his pocket.” Old Cooter Brown is a legend in the South, but I had never heard, nor do I think I wish to hear, of wildlife in his pants.

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  4. This cracked me up! I am sure you have shown your quirky sense of humor before but this one showed me how wacky you think. I like wine but feel funny having a drink every day by myself. When out or with family or friends. I definitely enjoy wine or a cocktail. I don’t get sloshed or smashed 🙂


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