Death By Bok Choi


Here I am, all bleary-eyed, hooked on yet another television series on Netflix.  Do you have any idea how long it takes to watch 26 episodes which were originally spaced out over two seasons?  I don’t either, because I forget when I started watching this.  I do know that partway through my fascination with the show,  Netflix experienced streaming problems and apologized for the inconvenience of almost two days of inability to load.  That was brutal.  Almost made me want to demand my eight dollars back for the month.  But they got it fixed and I forgave them.

The Killing  is an American crime show based on the Danish television series Forbrydelsen  (The Crime.)

This is a little two season synopsis from Wikipedia, where there’s lots more info if you’re curious –

Season 1 (2011)
The first season covers the first two weeks of the investigation of the murder of local teenager Rosie Larsen and has three main storylines: the police investigation into Rosie’s murder, the Larsen family’s attempts to deal with their grief, and the fluctuating electoral fortunes of a political campaign that becomes embroiled in the case.

Season 2 (2012)
The season resumes the investigation into the murder and reveals secrets about the Larsen family as well as a possible conspiracy within the campaign race and the Seattle police department. The Larsen murder case gets closed with the discovery of those involved in it.

And when they say ‘those’ involved in it, they really do mean more than one bad guy.  The two detectives assigned to the case take two whole seasons to get to the bottom of this mess.  Just when they think they’ve got it narrowed down, new information sends them in a different direction with suspects all over the place.  Everybody has a secret or is withholding information or is basically clueless or simply an idiot.  Over all it’s a good story and well acted and I didn’t need much encouragement to start watching season three.

But there were some pretty hard to believe scenarios.  For instance, when a candidate for mayor gets shot, almost dies, is paralyzed from the waist down, weeps about it a couple of times and then hops into a wheel chair and continues on with his campaign.  Come on.  I know politicians are a bizarre bunch, but that bit was a real eye-roller.  Sorry to give that away if you haven’t watched it.

Nowhere in the first two seasons was there any mention of bok choi.  And I don’t believe anyone could actually die from an overdose.  However, if you could, W is the guilty party here.  He doesn’t eat it, but he keeps buying bags of it, every time he goes shopping.  And I keep trying to figure out ways to use it up before it goes soft and mushy and its leaves shrivel up.  I put it in soups and salads and smoothies and sometimes even eat it raw like you would celery.  Some of it unfortunately ends up in the compost bin.  And then he notices there’s only one bag left and off he goes to buy another one.  And the cycle continues.  This is not a long or interesting enough story to dedicate an entire blog post to, so I’m adding it to the end to explain the weird title.  So far it is unclear which one of us is going to die.



18 thoughts on “Death By Bok Choi

  1. I can’t think of anything to say about this post…especially death by bok choi. One would think it would be death by kale…because all of a sudden it is everywhere and in everything. I have yet to find kale in my sock drawer but I won’t be surprised when my socks disappear…and I have to duct tape kale leaves to my feet. The truth? I just wanted to say hello. Hello.

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    • Well, what isn’t going to kill us these days? Did they pick on tv because sedentary lifestyle was too hard for us to understand? Sitting around reading books could be hazardous to our health too. Or working at a computer all day.
      Gawd, we’re all going to die. 😛


  2. You cheating cheater. I am shocked. SHOCKED, I say. The first time i learned about this sorta’ stuff was from Makya McBee, another cheating cheater, who tagged his posts with outrageously unrelated material sure to drive the googley search-tree turtles wild.

    Now here YOU are, Grandmalin, doing exactly what my friend Joey advised me to do with my own posts: Sexing them up by… by… doing what one-percenters do every time they stand in front of cameras or mikes

    (no–no, it is should not EVER be “mics”, you friggin’ spelling morons).

    For SHAME!!

    I was embarrassed (for you–oops! sorry, that just slipped out. I meant to say:) when I read the actually-about-bok-choi part of the post, ’cause I saw and ate so much of it coated with oil and pepper while my sons attended a mostly-Korean-attended school that I never wanted to see that yucky stuff again. Until I read this, never had my single-track Aspie self once thought: “This is a vegetable. It can be prepared in more. than. one. way.” I really never learn. All of life has to be carefully taught, to some of us.

    Just like the way I never imagined my Grandmalin could betray me like this, trying to pass off a vegetable comestible as a Danish death drama. I’ll be weeping into my pillow tonight.


    • There are actual search tree turtles out there? That sounds way worse than bok choi.
      Sorry to cause shock and dismay. That was never my intention. Maybe watching all that devious behaviour on tv influenced me and I couldn’t help myself. 😄

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  3. I loved the Killing I watched it a couple of Yeats back and thoroughly it. But it was always dark and raining!.
    As for Bok Choi have you tried stir frying it. It is very yum yummy. xxxx


  4. It’s Choose-Your-Reply-to-Your-Reply Day!:

    A) Good heavens! Let’s all hope, for your neighbors’ and loved ones’ sake’s, that the rapid consumption of TWO WEEKS of MURDER doesn’t also “influence” such a susceptible subject. 😳

    B) I, too, streamed The Killing,
    I laughed at your cheat,
    I, too, do mislead folk,
    Bok choi I WON’T eat!

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  5. Is W perhaps an offender of the bogo? Perhaps that might explain the over-abundance of bok choi? My husband needs a Bogo’s Anonymous . . . . “Hi, my name is Bill, and I am addicted to buy-one-get-ones.” When I try to reason with him and explain that we don’t have celiac disease therefor we have no need for eight boxes of gluten free pasta, he merely glares at me as if I was completely mad and states, as if any idiot would understand, “But it was buy-one-get-one!” The postal service benefits greatly every year from our bogo’s during their annual food drive! 🙂

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