Art du Jour 32

Charcoal makes such a mess.  I’m not sure what all I used here, because I have my drawing things all over the place and often mixed up, but within easy reach. So I tend to grab something and see what it does, and wonder about it later.

I do know this is on drawing paper, not sketch paper.  And that I almost abandoned it half-finished because it wasn’t going the way I expected.  Or fast enough to suit me.  Because, you know, I’ve got a lot of Netflix to watch.  But I walked away and returned to it later, realizing then that it likely wasn’t such a complete disaster after all.

What else is new?  We had our wireless internet upgraded yesterday.  To me there is no noticeable difference, but our monthly bill will change of course.  And here’s the funny part.  Our internet provider has called us every day for over a week to ask us if we would like to have our service upgraded.  Sometimes they ask to speak to me, and sometimes to W.  Both of us have been telling them every single time they call that we have already arranged to have this done.  They called yesterday and we said it was being done.  Today we told them it has been done for the love of gawd and to please stop calling us.  Do none of these idiots ever talk to each other?  Were they all given the same phone list as a joke?  It’s not all that funny anymore.

Happy rainy day in January everybody!  It’s a good day for sorting out pencils and ignoring the phone.

13 thoughts on “Art du Jour 32

  1. I briefly took to saying, ‘blah, blah, blah’ repeatedly when I continued to receive unsolocited calls then figured I was being rude and childish. Although it was fun for a wee while. 😉 Now I just hang up. They are a pain in the arse. There was an ad here at one point where a woman returns from shopping to a ringing phone, realises it’s a cold caller, says hold on, turns on a kid’s musical toy and places it next to the handset then goes to make herself a cuppa. I’ve not tried that one yet but it’s on the list of how to deal with them. How dare they interrupt art and Netflix! 🙂

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    • I know, right? The nerve. I have a hard time hearing on the phone (do much better when I’ve got a face to look at….or subtitles at the bottom of a screen!) so my saying sorry, I didn’t understand, or could you repeat that please and pardon me?? is no doubt annoying enough for them. On the phone call where I actually agreed to getting the upgrade, she asked me for my phone number! And put me on hold at least four times. Modern torture. lol


  2. She’s great. What sharp teeth she has. She must be young. Mine are almost shot.

    As for large corporations, no the different work groups don’t talk to each other, but no good yelling at the poor low-wage worker making the call either. That’s the problem…nameless, faceless bureaucrats run the world. God did a better job.

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    • I know these people are just doing their jobs. I’ve been on the other end of this kind of call and realize that being rude to the caller is pointless. We will wait and see if they call again today. Maybe I’ll ask to speak to one of their nameless faceless bureaucrats. 😄


  3. I think this picture is my favorite… it Gaugin it reminds me of? May be more subtle than his, more like one of Renoir’s. Whichever, I love the broad prominent cheek bones…..the mischievous sparkle in her eyes and smile…the way she is holding the fruit, all giving the feeling that she still has juice around her mouth and is delighting in the taste. Perhaps you should call it “Eve.”


  4. As to the callers, I used to pretend I was deaf mishearing things until they gave up. Or I would be evangelical and ask them religious questions. Or I would ask them where they were calling from and what the weather was like etc. etc. etc. If they were political calls, I would tell them if I got one more call from them I would vote for the opposite party the rest of my life. That was when I was housebound, wheelchair bound and bored. Those call were one of the bright spots of my day. I finally felt guilty about torturing the people having to do that to survive, since my brother had that job to help pay for college.


  5. I like that she looks like someone you’d want to know.

    Although I have done telephone solicitation, I do not feel sorry for the callers, for most of them lie–I have proven this when I ask them to take a short note for their supervisor, they say they have done so, and then I ask them to read it back. Of course, no note was taken.

    My neighbor, who is disabled, tells the caller that her disabllity lawyer has asked her to report such repeated harassing calls to her, in order to take action against the calling company and its callers.
    My sister just uses an air horn sound. Both strategies work.


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