Art du Jour 35

I’ve been admiring all the cut-and-paste collage type cityscape pictures on Pinterest, and this is my attempt at whatever the proper artistic description is for it.

There was going to be a moon in the sky with a face on it, but I found this cat, and there he is.  Cats are notorious for popping up in all the wrong places and looking like they belong exactly where they are.

I have done something to my left foot which is causing a ridiculous amount of pain and making me hobble around whining and feeling sorry for myself.  Google wisdom suggests ice, compression, elevation, rest, and better arch support in shoes.  And as a last resort, go see your doctor.  I have made appointments before for such things, only to have the symptoms disappear before I get there.

A tensor bandage isn’t doing much and last night the pain woke me up.  On the bright side, I have an excuse for sitting around with my feet up all day.  There’s always a bright side.

26 thoughts on “Art du Jour 35

  1. I *love* this piece of art! Okay truth. I love it much more than your faces, even though I see your talent and skill at drawing faces. Draw me some real faces, some weathered faces, some lived-in faces.
    Sorry about your ankle. I hope it heals soon, and that you enjoy lying around in the meantime 🙂

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  2. I love it, and the cat was an inspiration! (I love it and the cat even though I do not like cats! Most cats.)

    When part of my body starts hurting for no reason, I get angry at it, and punish it by whacking it. Works for me. If it’s going to hurt for no reason, by golly, I’ll give it one.

    As far as all that cr#p that google says, that’s what it is. F#ck that ice sh#t. Cook the bejesus out of it: As much heat as you can take. I am told repeatedly by doctors down through the years that I have an amazing pain tolerance, and I am a big believer in cooking the heck out of my aches from lupus and Behcet’s. Just watch for skin burns. Good luck.

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    • That sounds like my mom…stop crying or I’ll give you something to cry about! Like the first thing wasn’t bad enough.
      Ice did nothing. A double dose of pain killers has made a difference. I’m also wearing my runners in the house because they have the best arch support. If I don’t wear my left shoe to bed I will try heat.
      My foot is very sensitive to even the slightest touch, so I can’t imagine whacking it, unless I also shoot myself at the same time.
      Yep, this hurting for seemingly no reason is a royal pain.


      • What you’re describing, Grandmalin, sounds like…gout. I hope it is not, for your sake. While it would be easy to address, with diet restrictions and medication (that is the great news), one of those diet restrictions you in particular would not be happy about.


  3. Naturally, I didn’t even notice the cat until you mentioned it. All I saw right away was the Bingo cards… and I can appreciate anyone who can make art out of Bingo cards. Can you tell I used to hang out with the old ladies at the Bingo hall?

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  4. Feel better soon! But, don’t wait too long to go to the dr… it could actually be something serious 😉
    I have never heard of or seen these city scape things. I guess I need to spend more time on pintrest!


  5. Very creative the cut and paste. Something I may be able to try. I’m sure it won’t be as lovely as yours though. About that ankle try 5 minutes ice then 5 minutes heat. That’s how the treat sport injuries and what they told me to do in physical therapy. Hope it feels better soon.


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