Really Snow White

This reminded me of a funny story which I’ve told before.

But this is what old people do – we repeat things and don’t give a shit if you’ve heard them all twenty-six times already.

Granddaughter (the first) and I were sitting on the couch playing with her Polly Pocket dolls.  She was responsible for the actions and deeds and commentary of three or four of them, but I had just one.  I chose Snow White because she’s my favourite.  I had her climb to the top of the couch-back where she jumped around, lost her wig, put it on backwards, freaked out because she couldn’t see, and screamed for help.

My granddaughter sighed, rolled her eyes, and said in her firmest no-nonsense 4-year-old voice, “Oh Snow White, get a grip of yourself.”

Snow White made less of an ass of herself after that.

Here’s to the last snow white day in January.  And getting a grip when we need to.

22 thoughts on “Really Snow White

  1. I would love to play Polly Pockets with you, Grandmalin–so much fun!

    Y’know, I have the entire set of War Planets, and a whole buncha’ the Mighty Max sets. If we combine those with your granddaughter’s Polly Pockets, we could have a helluva time! (Don’t know about how much fun it would be for those Polllys, though…)

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  2. Absolutely love your blog – no I’m not a kiss-up, just say what I mean (yes this freedom comes with a wonderful term called “age.”) I might have even told you that before – only downside to that freedom…but really, your blog is one of my favorites. Just wanted you to know. 🙂

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