Art du Jour 37

imageThis was time-consuming and labour intensive.  But also fun, except maybe for all the glue and paint and paper scraps everywhere.  Now I have a greater appreciation for artistic people who put these things together.  In case you don’t notice it on your own, I would like to point out that the main part of the house is strips of paper in basket weave.  That’s how it started.

Yes, I do have a lot of time on my hands and I’m trying many new things to make a dent in using up all the massive amounts of paper I purchased having very few clues at the time about what I would ever do with all of them.  When I take pictures of these finished products,  I set them on my easel so they are leaning back slightly, and the upper left hand corner always looks blurry.  Although maybe the fact that I used a lot of water on this board and it warped a bit could be a factor as well.  Life is full of mysteries.

So, bonus day.  Here’s how it looks on my yellow wall.  Beside something equally strange and in different light.  Why does my wall not look yellow??


The paint on my art room walls is called Elephant Grass and in real life is much nicer than this looks.

Before embarking on this project I watched an artist on YouTube put together an art journal page using paint and paper and stencils with a drawing of a partial face looking rather ghostly and emerging from the background.  She had a whole book full of stencils and took half the video choosing the ones she wanted to use.  With all the stopping and starting and talking and pausing and speeding up and waiting for things to dry, it’s a wonder I learned anything, other than knowing I am not ready to make a video of my own any time soon.  Mine would include too much profanity and hand washing.

I’m happy with this result, even though I don’t think it’s something I’d want hanging over my dining room table.  Good thing I don’t have a dining room table.  It might be nice in a kids room.  I don’t have one of those either any more.

Well, for someone who thought she didn’t have anything much to say today, I’ve managed to write a lot of words, as well as post two pictures of the same thing.  This blogging thing is so easy.  And you can do it most days without glue.

23 thoughts on “Art du Jour 37

  1. I like this montage, although I too have yellow walls, and more of a dirty canary than elephant grass. Very nice work of art and would it not look better on a darker wall, like maroon maybe?? I don’t know, you are the artist.

    When I was 12, I told my mom I wanted my bedroom painted Robin Hood green, but she only painted one wall that color. She said it would look like a cave with all the walls that color, but I thought the Lincoln green was great.


    • You’re right. I held it up against my brick fireplace wall and then against my red wall, and both spots made the colours pop right out. You can now be my art consultant. Haha. 😄. Not a job I would wish on anyone, actually.
      My mom was also of the persuasion that dark colours were not for wall painting. It was all whites and tans and beiges. Maybe explains why I like bright colours so much.


    • Not selling anything yet this go-round, although I have done in the past. I do have something in the works, but still trying to decide which direction to go in. Instead of six different ones at once. lol


    • LOL – I don’t really recommend it. 😝 I have some spray glue which is supposed to be used in a well ventilated area. Kind of hard to ventilate well in our current weather. I use it sparingly and still the fumes are awful.


      • Must you use that heavy-duty stuff because all the layers are so heavy(-duty ; ) together? That is, why not Tacky Glue, or that Elmer’s spray glue for the lighter stuff? That toluene solvent in that strong spray stuff will fry whatever cells the other spirits haven’t already your wise and wonderful mind, Grandmalin!

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        • I have only ever bought one can of the spray stuff and use it very sparingly. Elmer’s glue is still my favourite. And glue sticks. I’ve also used clear matte varnish to stick things together. All of them make a mess. The one constant being the person using them.

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          • Did a real LOL, but it was my nasty-sounding witchy-cackley one, so be glad you weren’t here to hear it. Also, am now envisioning you with various bits of paper, tongue depressors, and yarn glued all over various bits of your person : D

            You oughta be more careful, Grandmalin. And please use safety scissors.


  2. You are truly masterfully talented – (going to leave that alone, cuz I like how it sounded anyways) Just love this – not sure what the item is to the left of it though – can you enlighten?


  3. I’d run with the profanity-filled video! I’d watch! I can’t think of many things more amusing than watching and listening to someone go about their daily business with a commentary full of exclamations and random musings on the process. Like watching kids at play when they don’t know you’re watching. It buckles me every time. So get f#*~#@¡ on it. 🙂

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    • lol – I’m trying to imagine what that would be like. Not unlike my driving vocabulary when other drivers annoy the shit out of me. There would be a lot of deep breaths taken – by me and whoever tried to listen to it. Maybe it would be more educational without sound?? But not as entertaining.


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