Art du Jour 38

I wonder if I should tell you how many times this portrait came close to being crumpled up and chucked.  Halfway done I began to dislike her intensely.

But today I scrubbed her eyes out and redid them not so wide set,  put her in a window and declared her finished.

Or maybe it’s me that’s finished.

I suppose being critical is a good thing and will make me better.

Happy Sunday!

Well, now it is.  Earlier I wasn’t so sure.  It’s not every day you scrub somebody’s eyes out.

15 thoughts on “Art du Jour 38

  1. Oh, if it was truly that easy to erase features we are unhappy with…
    Just curious- have you taken formal art/drawing classes or is this simply a nature gift?


  2. “It’s not every day you scrub somebody’s eyes out.” What a one-liner! 😀

    Seriously, tho, once scrubbed I’ll bet you could see more clearly the path towards her redemption in your drawing. OR is this the same as having one’s mouth washed out with soap? There’s so much to glean from that line, lady!

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  3. I feel that way about stories and articles. I’ve revised them till I can’t bear to look at them any more and have been known to ;press ‘send’ or ‘publish’ in a moment of total befuddlement. Nice face, Gran.


  4. Grandmalin it’s beautiful. Glad you didn’t throw it away and could share it with us – you’d never know she had her eyes done over and it would have been interesting to see what bothered you about them in the first place!


  5. Well, I didn’t like her as much as some of your other drawings either, maybe because she looks too contained? Okay, I’ll say something positive. Look at the stuff Van Gogh chucked out that sells for millions today. At least you haven’t cut off an ear lobe.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all and I see from previous comments that Nurse Kelly likes her.


  6. First of all, how well do you really know your readers? Perhaps some of us do indulge daily in nefarious deeds.

    Second, I think, not necessarily because I’m a nefarious-deed-doer, mind you (but not necessarily because I am not), that you are simply suffering from an overdose of sweetness and light. It is time to turn to the Dark Side, Grandmaluke:

    How about drawing some portraits of nefarious deed-doers? Perhaps this same woman, imagining that she has just shafted the person who had considered her a best friend? THAT will be an interesting drawing exercise. Or, catch her just coming off a crying jag because the woman she’d thought was HER best friend just ran off with her husband–AND took her doggie, too! Ooo! Ooo! AND her sexy bras and panties!

    You see? You just need my everyday misanthropic perspective to come up with all sorts of inspiring ideas!


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