The Snow Game of Fox and Geese


This is a game of Fox and Geese, played by jungle animals, on holiday somewhere in Canada.  Montreal, maybe.  Or Sudbury.

The Rules:

1.  Tramp out a big wagon wheel shape in the snow.  This can be done with one person holding one end of a rope at the centre of the circle, and another person at the other end of the rope plodding through the deep snow while taking shouted instructions from the rest of the group waiting to play.  Or you can all just get out there and eyeball it until everyone agrees it could work.

2.  Using some random criteria, like who has the meanest looking face, choose a player to be the fox.  For this game, Zebra it is.

3.  The ostrich, monkey, giraffe, lion, hippo and elephant are all geese to start the game.

4.  The geese must run around and across the wagon wheel rim and spokes like mad things,  while the fox chases them.  All players must not take short cuts, but stay on the wheel at all times.  No face plants or snow angel breaks allowed if they can be avoided.

5.  The hub of the wheel is a safe zone where the geese may stop long enough to gasp for air, and then they have to get back to running around in a haphazard fashion.  Except always on the wheel.  Don’t forget that.

6.  If a goose (for example, the elephant) is tagged by the fox (in this case, the zebra), the elephant then becomes the new fox and the zebra is a goose.  Identity crises all around, accompanied by a lot of yelling to inform the other players, who may or may not hear you over the sound of their own laboured breathing.

7.  There are no winners or losers in this game, only enthusiastic participants who don’t mind looking like a bunch of shrieking maniacs cavorting and prancing around in a snow-covered field all afternoon.

The game ends when:

– the wagon wheel is trampled into oblivion

– the fox, unable to catch anyone, becomes frustrated and starts to cry (there is no crying in snow games – tears freeze)

– at least three faces or three sets of toes have turned blue, or some related colour to be determined by the group, because of exposure or frost bite

– the bar opens at the hotel (you’re on holiday, remember?)

– the lion gets hungry.  Time to go.

This bit of nonsense Is in response to

The Second Annual Contest of Whatever

at Evil Squirrels Nest

It’s not too late to submit a game related animal post for this contest;  deadline is Sunday morning.  And it’s never too late to get out in the snow and play a pointless snow game with your family and friends or some jungle animals on holiday.  Stupid snow should be good for something.

17 thoughts on “The Snow Game of Fox and Geese

  1. Well that’s novel. We can’t get out our door, let alone play games in the snow. Plus my dogs think snow is for getting all over your fur, then bringing in the house where they jump on Mommy’s lap. Now that’s how games are played in the sunny South. :~))


  2. You are fun and funny and I wish I were in that old Little Rascals episode where the two adults got magicked back into kids and got stuck in an orphanage with the Rascals, and nobody believed that they were really grownups in kids’ bodies, even thought of COURSE they were, cause the woman-now-little-girl was wearing her long white satin pajamas, and the pajama arms and legs were trailing all over her body’s arms and legs. What more proof do you NEED? Plus, she was wearing MAKEUP! On a little GIRL! And she had a PERM!

    Where was I going with this? Oh yeah: ‘Cause then I could be your kid or grandkid, Grandmalin, and I bet I would like that a lot.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww, you think of the best things to say. I love the little rascals, but I’ve never seen that episode. I even love the remake movie with the new little airhead Darla.
      I think now that two of my grandchildren are teenagers, they’re finding their grandma more weird than entertaining. 😄

      Liked by 1 person

      • Biting tongue re: YOUR weirdness quotient. But on the next gift-giving occasion, you might consider a glass house for one and a black kettle for the other.

        (Um…BTW, I reread my first comment, and DO know difference between “thought” and “though”. At least, I though I did.)

        Liked by 1 person

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