Art du Jour 40

Here is what appears to be the second piece in a series.  If I get to number three I guess I’ll have to name it something.

Many years ago I purchased a book called House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski.  It is 700 plus pages of nightmare inducing insanity.  There are many different fonts, margins are all over the place, some pages are blank, some are written sideways or upside down.  It is filled with footnotes and appendices.  Notice I’m not telling you what this novel is about.  Frankly I’m not sure.  However, it is the most perfect mishmash of pages ever to repurpose into art.  I am not destroying a book, I am immortalizing it.  And in the process, not making it any less difficult to read, really.

My process starts with ripping out pages, cutting them up, painting them both sides with a mixture of acrylic paint and matte varnish, and sticking them on a canvas.  In a pleasing artistic fashion, or in a bizarre confusing mess.  Or both.  Then layers are added until it’s time to stop.  That’s actually the hard part, telling myself, okay, this is good, leave it alone and walk away.

This daylight saving thing should not be screwing up my schedule since I don’t even have one anymore, but things like eating and sleeping have not been by the clock this week.  I’m far behind in replying to comments and getting through e-mail and sometimes I watch crime shows first thing in the morning with my coffee.

There, that’s all the secrets you’re getting out of me today.  I have a book to cut up.  And that’s something I never thought I’d say.

16 thoughts on “Art du Jour 40

  1. I tried House of Leaves…gave up quickly and sold the book at a used books store. I guess I should have saved it. I would have mailed it to you to be used for art medium.

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  2. Loving your collage series – and loving your banter too! 🙂 Lucky you getting to watch crime shows first thing in the morning with coffee. I’m still part of the working class, but my time will come! If only I will be able to create beautiful art like you at that time – oh what joy it would be!

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  3. Collage art is great fun and very freeing. Sometimes interesting symbols appear that give me new self awareness. A many layered experience. I haven’t done any lately. Yours is reminding me of it’s appeal. thanks


  4. This the Fool. She’s bright and optimistic, starting out on the path of life. Look how happy she is expecting the best..always. She knows she’s going somewhere and has clipped want ads she found in the ‘for sale’ section of the paper. She will look for a job..maybe, or a boyfriend.

    She wants to make new discoveries. Life is a journey and she’s on the first step along the path. All bright and shiny, never been kissed or anything else, and definitely not yet a mother because she has no frowns. All you need now is the little dog that always accompanies her. Perhaps she can find one in those newspaper clippings?

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  5. Ok, I tried reading that book too, and gave up in despair early. Like, before beginning. It was a library book but now I may just buy it and collage it preciousssssssss…thanks for the idea! Woot! That’s one book that’d be easy to destroy and turn into artwork. Mahvelous!

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      • Yes it did…especially bottom right where it appears I slapped down an entire page! Reading that book was like picking random pages out of a box. Which is more or less what I’m doing now, reading little sections of prose as I rip and glue. Have fun destroying. I mean Creating! lol

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  6. For some reason when I commented here, I thought it was the butterfly piece. (on my phone) I see it now. How long have you been working in collage? Your stuff is beautiful! Thx again for the idea and inspiration!


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