Art du Jour 41

Just in case you thought I might be slacking off in the creativity business, here’s number three in my nameless series of egg head girls.   A lot of drying time is involved in the many layers.  There’s more depth to this one and a cooler palette than the first two.

I hoped it would have more of an under water feel, but despite the seaweed hair it looks a little wintry instead.

W is having a rum (that’s like saying he’s breathing) so I am going to wash the paint off my hands and join him.  Let’s just call it celebrating the end of a beautiful spring-ish kind of day.


14 thoughts on “Art du Jour 41

    • I used to sell my art years ago, then took a long hiatus and at this point I don’t really know what I’m doing. Researching things like Redbubble. And experimenting like crazy. It is SO nice to know that if I ever do get organized I have a potential customer. 😄

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  1. I like her too. Like the rays of a daisy bouncing on the breeze, she’s doing a cartwheel, so she must be the Chariot. I expect her to whirl out of sight any minute as she rolls along.

    Funny how you do these collages unconsciously. But then I don’t understand artists, even though I love what they do.

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