Art du Jour 46


I’ve been missing my charcoal.  This doesn’t look much like my magazine picture model, but I’m sure she must look like somebody.  I started off on this project with the intention of drawing 365 faces.  Obviously I’ve gone off on a lot of tangents.  Now I’m just doing a count of art days and anything goes.

It was a lovely quiet Sunday here,  once W got back inside from a couple of hours of blowing snow all over the neighbourhood this morning.

I wish I was kidding. Third day of snowfall in a row.  But higher temperatures in the forecast so it will soon be gone.  I try to never complain about rain,  because at least it’s not snow.

Does this look like a young Jane Fonda to you?  It wasn’t supposed to.  What the hell.  I’ll just pretend I meant to do that.

16 thoughts on “Art du Jour 46

  1. This sketch strikes me. It’s as if you drew two different women. If you took a ruler down the midline of the face (it’s at a tilted angle), you would see that the left side looks like a daughter in her teens/20? and the right looks like her mother in her early 40s…?

    “Both” women are beautiful, but they are not the same face. Did you step away halfway? Which side of the face did you start first? I’m dazzled by this sketch.

    I love the way you play with the light.



    • Well that was a total fluke….I’m just not good at getting things symmetrical I guess. Did this in one sitting going from left to right and top to bottom (so sort of from top left to bottom right) simply because there’s less smearing by the drawing hand that way. I do see that one side looks more wrinkled than the other.


      • I don’t know if I’d say “wrinkled” at all; but it shows me — as you captured — that we are not symmetrical. When I got braces (as an adult for a cross bite I had which was causing havoc elsewhere in my jaw) I remember the orthodontist asking me if I’d had a stroke or if I was in a car wreck as a child. (I didn’t go back to him for the work, he was brutally frank and so very image conscious he likely would have sent me off to a plastic surgeon for facial reconstruction.) The answers were “No. Not that I know of…” then I started researching the web about asymmetrical facial construction and that led me to a website about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and how asymmetry was a symptom of FAS, but I didn’t have any other symptoms and as screwy as things were for my mother, she took pregnancy very seriously. But it led me down a rabbit hole to where I decided that none of us is truly symmetrical. I discovered Tom Cruise’s midline tooth, and Bradley Cooper’s asymmetry and Brian Williams’ wildly off-center face and nose and jaw and forehead and eye slant and as the years have progressed, I’ve become more “OK” with the fact that my face is off-kilter. I have a shoulder slightly higher than the other and other funky things which remind me that I’m human.

        Your capture of the light in the eyes and expression of this subject are really what spoke to me most of all. Her imperfection.

        We’re all we have. I think it’s a great rendering.

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  2. Great sketch…. good high lights in the eyes and I particularly like the shading on the left side of her face (the viewer’s right). Do you have any paintings or sketches you’ve done of your grandchildren?

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  3. Lin this is another stunning drawing you have a great talant . There is a hint of Fondaesque there . But I definitely see what Grass Oil By Molly Field says about the split face of mother daughter. It is amazing. I may not of noticed if I had not read her comment ( glad I did though). Taking the drawing at face value (excuse the pun) it is stunning. xxxx

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