Art du Jour 48


Bird bird bird, bird is the word. 

This is another mixed media practice creation with perhaps a little too much going on and a lot of tissue paper in the background.  And some indifferent but colorful birds not found in nature.

I’m learning to dry things thoroughly between layers so that my cheap canvases don’t warp, and now I know why permanent ink stamp pads are necessary.  It’s no fun when some lovely effect gets washed away by the next lovely effect.

And the best thing about this endeavour….it made me remember a truly awful song (and an even worse dance) from the sixties by the Trashmen.  I would write out the lyrics for you, but as long as you remember the first and last lines of this post and add a few repetitions of “papa ow mow mow” you should be good to go to sing along now, and for the rest of the day, in your head.

Yeah.  The sixties were something else.  They do not write songs like Surfin’ Bird anymore.

Have you heard about the bird?  Everybody knows that bird is the word.


17 thoughts on “Art du Jour 48

  1. Ah the Seven of Birds. Represents the Element of Air.They shout, they whisper, they sing of their homes. They listen in silence, then begin again. What Every Robin Knows…birds communicate.

    Divinatory meaning: Setting boundaries, cooperation, respect for differences. Many people could learn something from the birds. If they only listened.
    This may be my favorite card yet. I love birds.

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    • I thought I would love doing a picture of birds more, but this just got too complicated. Should have tried for one branch and two magpies against a cloudless blue sky. But who am I kidding, I could never stop there.


    • It’s 12 x 16 inches, as are most of the ones I’ve done like it. I spent a couple of days on it….there’s always a point where I think it’s not working and I want to quit, but I come back later and carry on anyway. There are a lot of art journal pages tutorials on Pinterest and YouTube with some interesting ideas and methods. I haven’t settled on anything specific and am all over the place at the moment. 😄

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  2. My name is Robin, so I am very partial to birds. I have a story on my blog about hearing a cardinal’s song not too long after my Grandpa Mattson died which makes me feel I have a ‘guardian angel’ in a bird’s body. I love art, I usually draw with pencil, then use pen and ink (or these days a permanent ultra fine black marker) and then add details and color with my watercolor paint. Your design is not too busy for me, it is simply gorgeous!

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