Sharing My World 24


Mother Natures April Fools Day Humour

Share Your World – 2015 Week #13

What was your favorite subject in school?

Language Arts, or whatever name it goes by now.  Back in the dark ages when I went to school this subject was called English and broken down into reading, spelling, grammar and composition.  I loved them all.  Although my spelling wasn’t one of my highest priorities and as a result there are still words I don’t like to spell correctly the first time.  Spell check makes me doubly lazy.  Plus it also appears to have a sense of humour with its sometimes bizarre suggestions.

Both my parents were sticklers for excellent grammar so we learned to say things properly to avoid having them constantly correct us.  They both instilled a love of reading in us, by reading to us until we could read for ourselves.   Do kids still have to parse a sentence and identify all the parts of speech?  One underline for subject, double underline for verb, triple for object, adjectives and adverbs and phrases in brackets with arrows to what they modify.  Then name the conjunctions, pronouns, prepositions, etc.   I love all those rules which I often delight in breaking with run-on or incomplete sentences and dangling participles and orphan which clauses.  Excellent grammar can sometimes sound very snobbish, so usually I write the way I talk and break many of the rules.  Just so you know it’s (mostly) on purpose.

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take,  but by the moments that take your breath away” (George Carlin).  When have you had such a moment?

At the births of my children (after all that heavy breathing) and when seeing each one of my grandchildren for the first time.  There’s something about a newborn baby or a baby of any age that melts my heart.  I look at those perfect little faces and forget to breathe.

There was also that time in Scotland when we got off the bus at Glencoe and looking at those noble green hills gave me the weirdest sensation of deja vu.  Maybe I was a Highland warrior in a previous life, or lost loved ones in the massacre of 1692.  It’s also possible, (because of my retracted ear drum which I believed at the time was caused from the stuffiness of a head cold),  that I was simply high on decongestants.

What’s your choice: jigsaw,  crossword,  or numeric puzzles?

I’ve been seriously addicted to all three, but thankfully not all at once.  My various obsessions last until I get bored or realize I’m wasting an incredible amount of time that could be better spent, and then I move on to a new addiction and repeat the process.  My choice at the moment would be crosswords of medium difficulty.  The really hard ones make me feel stupid.  And nobody likes that.

If you found an obviously abandoned car with $50,000 in the back seat, what would you do?

If I knew for certain that I would never get caught, I would take the money home with me and hide it under my mattress.  Because you don’t want to create suspicion by suddenly depositing a lot of cash in the bank.  And then I would have to pray that the house didn’t burn down.  But who is EVER certain of not being found out?  And if we’re not called on something, we eventually blurt out the truth on our own because the burden of keeping a secret drives us nuts.

So I would call the police.  Because it’s the right thing to do.  And I’m rather boring like that.

The grateful for and looking forward to part….

Late yesterday afternoon we had a delightful rain with thunder and everything.  Then over night the rain turned to blowing snow.  It looks like January out there.  So I’m grateful to be inside where it’s warm and not out driving anywhere in this.

I’m looking forward to finishing the reading of a book.  ANY book.  Amazon keeps sending me e-mails asking me to rate the books I’ve purchased and I haven’t read them yet!  I get annoyed with the emails because I’m annoyed with myself.  And I’m also annoyed that when I start reading where I left off I have no idea what’s going on and have to backtrack a few pages to figure it out.  So lately it’s two pages back, three forward, and then I fall asleep.  I’m grateful there is nothing more serious to be annoyed about.

It’s too cold and blustery to go for a walk and search for abandoned cars full of cash, so I’ll just curl up on my couch and play word games instead.  In no time at all I will find myself gasping at my own breath-taking brilliance!  HAHA!  Mother Nature is not the only one who does funny things.



28 thoughts on “Sharing My World 24

  1. That money one is a tough. I’d like to say I’d do the right thing, but 50K would go a long way towards a remodel, or a vacation, or college money for the grandkids, or…

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  2. Oh boy, I related to so many parts of your post today. We went to Scotland last summer and also stopped at Glencoe. Hearing our tour guide tell the story of what happened there and then actually standing in front of such natural beauty and imagining such a horrible massacre was chilling.

    Then I had to giggle when you started talking about books. I, too, get frustrated by those emails asking for reviews of books I haven’t read yet. I mean do they know that I can’t sit and read 24/7 even though I would love to? And how am I supposed to finish books when reading relaxes me so much that I fall asleep after a few pages? Well, I guess I should be thankful that I don’t have problems sleeping :).

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    • The Glencoe history is a chilling one and I still get chills thinking about it or even looking at pictures of those hills. It’s beauty and sadness all mixed up together.
      Yes, unfortunately for my book reading progress I don’t have any trouble falling asleep either. lol


  3. So one of your most breathtaking moments was possibly caused by Lemsip/Locket overdose 🙂
    I’d phone the police too if I found a car full of money. It probably belongs to a drug dealer or the mob, and they’ll NEVER stop looking…

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  4. I’ve always thought the best thing about knowing grammar really well was the pleasure that comes from knowingly breaking or subverting its rules. (I’m lawless like that!)

    And yup, I’ve got friends that still teach diagramming, though generally only in very basic “find the subject, find the verb” ways.

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    • Yay for another subversive rule breaker! Well, only the broken rules that don’t end in jail time. lol.
      Subject and verb alone is just too easy. I remember having to put a name to every single word. And it was fun! There’s something a little weird about that….


      • I’m right there with ya on the weird-but-deeply-satisfying! It’s not generally taught any more because all the research indicates that people who get off on diagramming are just the folks who already understand how sentences work. It’s less than stellar as a pedagogic tool for anybody who actually needs help learning grammar.


  5. Love the concept of Share Your World..such a fun when to get to know writers. I went to Catholic school, we did those sentence diagrams for 8 years…I still do them mentally sometimes in structuring a sentence. How odd. ☺ Van

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  6. NotAPunkRocker is right, it would make the mattress lumpy. Think out of the box, hide the money somewhere no one ever goes – like in the cupboard that holds cleaning supplies.

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  7. I just found a bunch of Scots in my family tree. They came by way of other places like Canada, so its been hard to ID them. As for deja vu, yes, yes, and yes. Of course you take the money and put it in a safety deposit box. That way you can but a new house if your house burns down.

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  8. My father’s side of the family goes equal parts back to England and Scotland. I just had to say I hope to see this part of the world someday! The photo of the snow and evergreens was beautiful and I always enjoy the misty quality of snow falling.
    My favorite subject in school was Language Arts and my college years meant I sought the degree to teach middle school L.A. I enjoyed the students, reading, writing and helping them to learn current events. When I started my blog, I meant to have a ‘catchy title’ that would get people thinking about age but my ‘byline’ is: Relationships reveal our hearts.” This really helps explain my ramblings about all sorts of things. I loved learning more about you and hope we can stay connected. I post my blogs at the library so I am only there after my work day ends and if I am in town. So, I am a sporadic blogger but my intention is always to look back upon each person’s blog and read until I see I have gotten to the place I started. If that makes sense, ha ha!
    If you celebrate, hope you have a wonderful Easter celebration! Smiles, Robin

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  9. With you too on the babies and Glencoe. Babies I can’t keep my eyes off of, Glencoe just blows me away. The first time I ever stopped there was on my honeymoon almost 28 years ago and I was overawed then freaked by a certain eeriness. We camped there a few years ago and it was one of the best family holidays we’ve ever had. In a forest, by the side of the river, foot of the mountains. I keep thinking I’d like to retire there. Not in a tent mind you. So I’m looking out for abandoned cars that look promising. Not to live in you understand. Something slightly bigger than a but and ben would do fine. Please don’t parse my sentences. I just like breaking rules too. My excuse. Sticking to it.

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    • Yes! Eeriness is exactly what it was. Mixed with awe. So hard to explain. Don’t parse my sentences either please. I would not like to be the cause of you (your?) snapping your red pencil in half in frustration. 😄


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