In a Different Light

It’s the same picture from yesterday, but this time with indoor light from the left instead of bright daylight from the right.

It makes a big difference! Maybe I’ll keep posting this same piece in different places for the rest of the week….in moonlight, fluorescent light, candlelight…..  No, don’t worry, I’m done.

Except to add that the candle colour matches the bathtub

There is a reason why you should look at paint samples on every wall of a room as well as at different times of the day and night before finally deciding on a colour.  As if I’ve ever done that.  But it sounds like a good idea, right?  Right.

Also, don’t paint in the dark.  What would you do without me?  I meant in dim light.  Because it will look surprisingly different in the morning.



23 thoughts on “In a Different Light

  1. I once did a concept piece in high school – I arrayed pots of colors, set up a canvas, tied a thick scarf around my face, and finger painted – using only my rough guesstimate of which colors were where on the tray and my mind’s eye to construct a landscape – grass, walkway, bench, autumn trees.

    It turned out pretty well, and I got a decent grade on it for creative thinking.

    So you can paint in the dark 🙂

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  2. On Monday my built-in microwave oven will be removed and a range hood will be placed in its stead. (Shared duct problems – this must be done.) The removal of the microwave will expose 2 new large bolt holes and 2 old large bolt holes that were filled in with white plaster. Can you send me some art work to cover up the problems yet look amazing? (I think you could.) You do beautiful work.

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  3. Your exposures from whatever angle and light, are always perfect. These, too. And by the way, even if I paint in broad daylight, it won’t look great. Or attempt to draw straight lines with straight edges!

    Thanks for these beautiful photos.

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