Art du Jour 55

It’s another random composition experimenting with colours and maps and stamps.

I would love to say there’s some rhyme or reason to these things, but there really isn’t, so they’re open to interpretation. The key and the little pocket watch stamps are new, and make me think of Alice and the White Rabbit. He unfortunately did not make it into the picture, probably because he was running around being late for something.

I’ve been feeling a little like that lately as the days zip by and I wonder at the end of them what the hell I did all day.

W leaves for Ontario tomorrow where he will spend most of the summer at his island fishing camp, and the rest of the time doing things with his elderly parents. So I have four or five months to myself to do whatever I want. Ha. As if that’s not how it is all the time anyway.

Happy Mothers Day to all the moms and everyone who ever had one! That should cover pretty much everybody I think. Hope you’re having a randomly stamp happy day.

11 thoughts on “Art du Jour 55

  1. Love the stamps and keys in this one…mysteries of time, unlocking clues, secret scribbles that foretell…the unknown pleasures to come. This one is fun to speculate on.
    On another note- 4-5 months to oneself! Can I trade places with you 🙂

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    • Nope, sorry, I’m not trading places with anyone😄 People are always checking to see if I’m ok being alone and I feel like saying are you KIDDING ME???? I’m so ok it’s not even funny. I love your interpretation of this one. It does look a little mysterious.


  2. Keys and Clocks springing everywhere. Could this be the tower of destruction where time stands still and chaos reigns? To create anew, we must destroy the old. Half measures again us nothing. Divinatory meaning: upheaval, breakthrough revelation. Important discoveries behind the locked door. So unlock it already!!


  3. Love the treasure hunt of finding the individual goodies you stamp into the pictures. yes, having a stamp happy day. Fun moments with you and your art. Thanks.


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