Sharing My World 29

imageDeja Vu. By some happy fluke this picture looks great on one of my yellow walls and goes well with an arrangement my sister did for me eons ago because I don’t have any talent for that kind of thing, but you can’t be good at everything, right?

What an awkward picture of mostly wall.  This is why I admire good photographers.

Share Your World 2015 Week 20

What is the most important thing that you ever learned? (I bet it’s not something you learned in school)

Nope, but I wish I could have studied all things Eckhart Tolle in school.  Then I would have known how to live in the moment without worrying about what happened yesterday or what might happen tomorrow.  How to be fully present and love exactly what I’m doing, right here and right now.  Acceptance of what is, without futile resistance.  Knowing the calm and joyful beautiful me, and the life underneath the life situation.

What feeds your enthusiasm for life?

My family, near and far.  My writing, good and bad.  My art, wonderful or weird.  Reading.  Coffee.  Netflix.  (Well, I did leave that one for last.)

What’s your most memorable (good or bad) airplane commercial or private flight?

I wonder if I have some kind of strange comprehension problem, because when I first read that question I thought I was supposed to come up with my favourite airplane commercial.  But, it’s okay, I get it now.  There have been many memorable flights in my life so I’m going to give you a little list.

1.  My very first flight was in 1975 from Toronto to Winnipeg with my one year old daughter.  So it was her first flight too.  Kind of amazing that I had never been on an airplane before that.

2.  Our first flight into the Arctic (Cambridge Bay) where we landed in the middle of frozen white nowhere. Brrrr.

3.  Flying into Pangnirtung where the approach is between two cliffs and I swear the wing tips almost scrape them both.  Just Google images for “landing in Pangnirtung” if you think I’m kidding.

4.  Flying into Rankin Inlet in some tiny little plane in a crazy howling wind and skidding sideways on the tarmac.  Turbulence on the ground was worse than in the air.  Okay, I had a lot of Gravol before that flight, so my recollection may be a little hazy.

5.  The flight from Edmonton to Toronto (en route to Scotland) when the engines stopped making noise on our approach.  No one else in the plane appeared to be concerned about this.  So I assumed I had gone deaf.  Turned out it was plugged ears from a wicked head cold.  But it didn’t clear up until we were headed home, so I shouted at my sister for the entire two weeks.

If you were a great explorer, what would you explore?

Parallel universes in a time machine. With a couple of adventurous spirit guides. Then I would write about my most memorable experiences.  And maybe draw you some pictures.

Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

Its been a nice quiet uneventful lazy week with some creative spurts thrown in, and I am looking forward to more of the same.  Is that boring?  Do I look bored to you?  It was the photo of the wall that gave it away, wasn’t it.



11 thoughts on “Sharing My World 29

  1. Perfect place for the picture…maybe some smaller ones alongside to create a little grouping effect?
    After reading your airplane section I must now breathe and perhaps have some wine. I cannot fly without terror and anxiety attacks and a few of those memories on your list have caused me to sweat and feel my heart palpitating…

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    • The picture is just below a haphazard grouping which didn’t make it into the photo. All my walls are covered….sigh
      Sorry about the fear of flying triggers! Yes, drink lots of wine. That will help. xx

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    • Wouldn’t that be great? I have a grandson who struggles with always wanting to hurry up and get on to the next thing and then the next thing and the next….he wears everybody out, but most of all himself. Sitting still and breathing helps, and practice makes it better.

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  2. First off, I am not artist, but I understand blank space is hot. (I do watch Sister Wendy as she gives us her little insights into this work or that work).

    Regarding flights. I can top the first one. My first flight was with four children under the age of four. We had two legs, DC to San Francisco, then SF to Hawaii. I would enjoy it more today, but had some suicidal thoughts in SF. Don’t tell my kids I said that….

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  3. If you hadn’t mentioned it, I was prepared to be TOTES INTO that wall as an intentional artistic act — and not at all awkward. (I still am totally into it, actually. ❤ )

    And, btw, *this* is my favorite airplane commercial ever. Though I think it was actually an ad for a brand of cameras:
    [video itself no longer available; but the screen grabs give you the idea.]


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