Just Another Great Canadian Sunday

It’s not every day I take a picture of my shampoo, so you know there’s got to be some kind of weird story behind it, right?

There’s a really good reason for me staying at home while W does most of the shopping. He is able to pick up all the items on a list, no more and no less. I admire that about him. Well, about anyone, really. The lists I take with me become vague guidelines once I enter a store. My cart fills up, and when the cashier wants to know if I found everything I was looking for I just smile and nod. Because explaining that I made six substitutions and changed my mind ten times and probably forgot at least three essentials but now couldn’t be bothered looking for them because I’m exhausted and don’t want to retrace my steps and just would like to be done with shopping and go home…..I don’t think she really wants to hear all that.

Anyway, back to the shampoo. I find it very hard to resist a good deal, even though I also firmly believe you get what you pay for. So I am one of those annoying shoppers with way too much time on my hands who will block an aisle while I check out ingredients and best buys and packaging and brands and on and on so you can see why the process is exhausting. And yes, the shampoo, I’m getting to that, I swear.  Although you can’t see it clearly in my photo, right at the top it says Proudly Canadian and underneath that, Fiers d’être Canadiens which roughly translated means proud to be (a French-speaking) Canadian.

And this bottle of shampoo cost One Canadian Dollar. OMG.

What in the world makes a shampoo uniquely Canadian? Being manufactured in Toronto? And why is it so CHEAP?? Is it complete Canadian/Canadien crap? Is this one of those instances where the store made a crazy deal and is passing the savings along to consumers? If I use this stuff will my hair turn to dandelion fluff and blow away in a high wind? Do I have any Advil at home for this headache? Better pick some up.

Anyway, long story short, although it’s too late for that, I have used this shampoo twice now and am happy to report no disasters so far. My hair is clean and shiny and still attached to my scalp.  If the Daily Basics people would like to pay me for endorsing their product I would be perfectly fine with that.  Although perhaps with that retail price they don’t have much of an advertising budget.

So that was a rather successful impulse purchase, which I believe offsets this next one.


When W is away I drink Tassimo coffee, because I can’t figure out how to get the other coffee maker to brew half a pot that tastes right, and although the Tassimo coffee is more expensive, it likely all evens out because I’m not dumping half a pot of coffee down the sink every day. By now, if you are still reading this I’m sure you are wondering where all this information is coming from, but, more importantly WHY I’m telling you all this shit in the first place. I wish I knew. Or maybe neither of us cares but there appears to be nothing much else going on for us at the moment, so what the hell.

What I wanted to buy was a double sized Tassimo coffee in a breakfast blend. There was none to be found on the shelves, and this was the only double sized there, and the midnight eclipse thing was very appealing to me. Midnight eclipse for breakfast. Why not? BOLD is not an exaggeration I’m here to tell you. This stuff will knock your socks off. Thank God I never wear any.

Okay, I’m going to paint something now to forget the trauma of shopping. After that coffee I will probably be awake for three days. With great Canadian hair.

Have a scintillating Sunday. If it’s not too late for that.

32 thoughts on “Just Another Great Canadian Sunday

  1. Are your blog posts getting funnier or am I just finding it much easier to relate to them lately? I know you can’t really answer that so don’t feel obligated to try unless you want to, however-this one has truly brightened my Sunday 🙂

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  2. I believe I am on the same way. Save money for one item and then spend more on a special item. Good to buy Canadian, I like to support all American. There are so many products made in countries where the factories are still run like “sweat shops.”
    Your post was funny! 🙂

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    • Yes, I like to buy stuff that’s made here if it’s possible and not ridiculously expensive. And if things are advertised to death I tend to not trust that they’re worth it. So I guess advertising is kind of lost on me. I recycle ads without reading them.

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  3. LOL, I roared. Indeed, shopping’s exhausting, and indeed, always nice to not get crap for that dollar, so that one can justify a purchase that means life will be good even when it’s not. I can’t have chocolate anymore (I know — one can hardly imagine…), but I can have endless coffee. Good coffee. And I do!

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  4. I’m at a loss for words. First time. Ever. Well…maybe there was that other time which, in my opinion, didn’t and doesn’t count because I was unconscious…I digress. You just kill me…not in real life…but in humourous life. And…you say naughty Canadian words that appear to sound like naughty American words. They’re even spelled the same. I guess that means I’m now fluent in Canadian. Good for me…American as a second language has been a goal of mine. I’m there. I can relax now. Thank you.

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    • You’re very welcome. It’s good to be fluent in something, and profanity always comes in handy no matter where in the world you are. My problem seems to be that I am rarely at a loss for words even when I have nothing at all to say. Damn.


  5. I’m another one who spends ages reading labels, tuna is my weakness. Is it Australian, is it dolphin friendly, packed in water and not oil? I don’t even like tuna! As for price comparison, thank goodness for unit pricing. I’d never get out of the store in under half a day without it.

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    • Yes, it’s nice when you don’t have to carry a calculator around with you. I think it all comes down to having way too many choices! I guess that’s a bitter/sweet problem to have. I don’t have to worry about tuna for a long time, because W bought a bunch of it on sale before he left. Probably won’t need more until he’s back. Or six months after that.😄

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  6. That is so funny that you wrote about that shampoo. We bought a whole shitload of it because it was so cheap, and I absolutely hate it LOL!! It doesn’t suds up worth a crap. Oh well, i can’t expect to be happy with every deal now can I?

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  7. Such a funny post. “will my hair turn to dandelion fluff ” I experimented with a $1. bottle of body wash, liking the clean fragrance. It seems to be watered down a bit. The better brands require much less to achieve the same lather…that, and advertising costs, are what makes the difference,maybe.

    The “dollar store” is making a run, causing some pain for giants like Walmart, Target, etc. It’s worth trying a few items, there are some gems out there to be had. I spend way too much time blocking those aisles; reading labels, comparing unit price, etc., but I am cheap, so it’s much like a sport to me. Van ☺

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  8. Hey, I’ve got a corner thingy that holds my shampoo almost exactly like yours! Loved this: “will my hair turn to dandelion fluff and blow away in a high wind?’ It’s this fear that determines my choice of shampoo…
    Thanks for a fun article

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  9. Well, I never skimp on the price of coffee. And the price is bound to increase. Just yesterday I read an article on how global warming is affecting coffee plants and it isn’t pretty. As for shampoo, I use the stuff for grey hair. Nice you could find something Canadian.

    Also nice description of me at the grocery store. Why is it so difficult to find everything for a new recipe you want to try?

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    • I think that the people who set up the various sections and aisles have never actually gone shopping. There’s no other way to explain it. Except maybe that they want you to wander around the entire store looking for stuff and impulse buy. Or they’re just jerks.


  10. Oh Lin, thank you for this, it really made me laugh. It was like looking in a mirror. My youngest daughter gets very wound up with my indecision and meandering whilst shopping. She insists on us taking a list written in the order the goods come in for maximum time efficiency!

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    • Hey, I have a daughter very much like that – get in and get out. However, her daughter could spend hours deliberating over every little thing. The indecisive meandering thing must have skipped a generation.

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  11. I bought a $1.00 dollar-store pair of scissors two days ago. We both know they are unlikely to cut anything–esp. great Canadian hair. Alternately, the two halves will separate at first use. I haven’t yet opened the package in order to delay the inevitable.

    However I’m hoping of the choices, I get blade separation. I will at least have an easier time with curling ribbon.

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    • Maybe break them in slowly, try them out on dandelion fluff first. I bought a big yellow plastic bowl for a dollar once. It had black happy faces painted on it, and the first time I washed it the faces smeared all over the place but never did come off completely, so it looked like something we took out of the trash. So. We ate popcorn out of the trash bowl until it cracked. True story. It’s hard to make shit like that up. lol😄😄


      • Now that we know all the poisons and radioactives used in those dissolving paints used on the cheap cr#p imported from SOME countries and sold in dollar stores (and even pricier stores), it’s good the happy faces were on the outside of the bowl. Hell, even if on the inside, who cares anymore? I ate and drank my fill off beautiful toxic ceramic sold at hoity-toity stores, and I’m healthy as a…

        WAIT A MINUTE!!!

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