Art du Jour 60

For the big six-O I am calling this Adventures in Watercolour.  Whether I will ever revisit this place is up in the air for now. image This is what I accomplished by paying attention to a little watercolour tutorial and using the wet on wet technique. Up to a point, of course and then did too many embellishments, but over all I think it’s not bad. The crooked border was an impulsive afterthought. image And this one I’m happy with simply because it is recognizable as an elephant. So, Happy Middle of the Week Wednesday! I’m drinking that midnight eclipse coffee again and planning on getting many, many things done. Just have to decide what. Perhaps some pseudo LSD hallucination-like wet on wet abstract watercolour blended creations. Whoa. Brace yourself.

23 thoughts on “Art du Jour 60

  1. I would easily hang the top picture in my home, it’s so pretty and the symmetric border works a treat. Lovely work on the elephant too, a beautiful creature but maybe not for my walls. Must get some of that coffee if the artistic results are like these.

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    • I’ve been painting with acrylics for a long time, it’s the watercolour medium that is a challenge. It behaves very differently. It’s all wishy-washy. Which sounds like I should really like it. lol


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