Art du Jour 62


A map of Edmonton is under all of this, for those of you who like to get to the bottom of things.

After that there was tissue and texture and spritzes of colour.

I just keep going until I like what I see.


“I tell of hearts and souls and dances…

Butterflies and second chances;

Desperate ones and dreamers bound,

Seeking life from barren ground….”

― Karen Kingsbury, Oceans Apart


Have a fabulous Friday.

8 thoughts on “Art du Jour 62

  1. What better representative of the Ace of Air than the Flutter bye. (I like the hair blower too. So down to earth you Taurus you…as is the map.) Air signifies mind that cannot be held in the hand. The Ace is the prime quality of the suit; The soul in search of meaning. So what’s it all about anyway.


  2. I chuckled at “I just keep going until I like what I see.” That’s the trick, knowing when to stop.
    The first time I worked with acrylic paints, I kept correcting what seemed like mistakes until my finished product was literally 3D. This was accidental, but brought much praise from the teacher.
    I don’t remember if I admitted it was from trying to correct my mistakes. That’s why I enjoy acrylic paints, being able to turn my goofs into gold. (Part of why I love God also, because he/She can do the same for us.) As usual enjoyed your work and your symbolism.


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