Sharing My World 31

My art space on tilt.

My art space on tilt.


For your blog do you basically use Mac or Windows applications? What type of device – laptop, desktop,tablet, phone or pad?

There are invisible imaginary surgically imbedded I-Pad magnets in both of my hands.  It is almost impossible for me to put this thing down.  It is my connection to the outside world.  Like the front door isn’t easily accessible or something.

It’s total overkill how many gadgets we profess to need.  We have a land line phone with an answering machine.  But I also need my cell phone, rarely for phone calls but always for text messages.  And notes and lists and reminders.   I must have my iPad  for game playing and Facebook checking because the iPhone screen is too small to do those things without squinting and frowning.  And maybe cursing.  And getting more wrinkles.  Both of these devices are great for taking pictures as long as I don’t have it on reverse taking selfies without realizing it.  Or hitting video by mistake.  And then there’s my PC, because I had that first and still prefer to do my banking and bill paying and printing from it.

Sheesh.  What was the question again?  I use them all, every day.  I can hardly remember life without them.  I blogged once from my phone but it was very stressful.  So I go back and forth from one bigger screen to the other even though the layout and spacing and format gets messed up.  What an amazingly long answer typed on my iPad screen with two fingers when it would have taken a fraction of the time on a keyboard.  Thank Gawd we got that all sorted out.

If you were to treat yourself to the “finer things” what would you treat yourself to?

My dad said once (or twice or three times) that our idea of heaven changes with our circumstances.  A poor mans heaven is not the same as a rich mans paradise.  So from the perspective of those less fortunate, I’m already enjoying the finer things in life.   Because the finer things are not really tangible things.   Of course that doesn’t stop us from thinking how great it would be if only we could afford some luxury or other while we take all the things we already have for granted.

But to answer the question,  I would like to have a personal trainer and a personal shopper, unlimited access to a spa, a vineyard in the south of France and my own jet.  So basically, money and servants.  And a lot of art supplies.  But I will settle for excellent coffee and enough money to pay the bills.

Can you change a car tire?

Yes I can.  I have never actually done it, but I am confident that if somebody walked me through it I could.  So yeah.  How hard can it be?  I might never feel safe getting in that vehicle again though, so I would probably call CAA first.  They are now added to my list of the finer things in life.

The 4th question this week is answer this poll about “how you would like to see the question formats for Share Your World”. Feel free to answer the questions in your post too.

The question format is great the way it is, but I liked the one where we were asked to complete sentences too.  More of that would be nice.

That Grateful Thing

I am grateful for finally getting around to sharing my world for last week.  The finer things question stumped me for days.  Good thing there’s no real deadline on any of this.  Or on getting back to experimenting in my art room.  It’s at an odd angle at the moment as you can see, and pencils keep rolling off the table.  Plus there are four (FOUR!) TV programs on Netflix that I have been bouncing around amongst.  Bones, Suits, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and Psych.  This mix makes for some bizarre dreams.

I am looking forward to the weather improving although it shows no signs of doing so.  We have endured two days of rain and cold.  It is 11 C outside (feels like 8 according to my weather network)  and dull and overcast.  The temperature inside my house is 16 C.  We usually keep it at 19.  The furnace guy suggested 21.  I refuse to turn the furnace on in June.  My feet are freezing.

Well, at least I’m not outside on the cold cement in freezing drizzle trying to change a car tire.  Life is good.


25 thoughts on “Sharing My World 31

  1. I don’t understand people who can write blog posts on their phones. I have so much trouble with txt messages that I can imagine an anxiety attack easily alongside any attempt to blog.

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    • No kidding. I think my phone post was a picture with a caption. Very ambitious! It takes me forever to text something that makes sense, never mind do an entire post with my thumbs.


  2. Beautiful art space!
    I think I should talk you through changing a tire before you injure yourself, someone else 🙂
    1. Loosen, but don’t remove, all the nuts. It is most important that you do this first *before* jacking the car up. Trying to loosen the nuts after the car is up on a jack could result in . . . . . . yeah, I’m sure you get it.
    2. After you’ve completely emptied the boot/trunk to find the jack, play with it until you’ve figured out how it works. Hopefully there is a jack. Hopefully there is an inflated spare tire. Place the jack under the frame of the car near to the flat tire, and wind the long thingy until the wheel of the car is up off the ground.
    3. Unscrew the nuts, take off the flat tire, replace it with the spare, screw the nuts back on.
    4. Lower the jack until the car is back on the ground and you can slide the jack out easily.
    5. Tighten all the nuts.
    6. Somehow figure out how to get all that stuff back into the boot/trunk with the flat tire on top so you can take it to be fixed.
    Hmmmmm. Don’t know what possessed me to write all that 🙂

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    • Wow! This almost makes me want to get a flat tire!! lol
      I have an emergency kit of sorts in the trunk, with windshield washer fluid, oil, paper towels….and I don’t know what else because I’ve never used it. Maybe there is a jack in there. Mostly it just annoys me when I’m trying to fit the shopping bags in the trunk. 😄

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  3. The very first time I tried to change my own tire I couldn’t loosen the first bolt, even standing on and kicking the d#mn jack. I felt better about that when the beefy guy who helped had a friggin’ hard time loosening it, too.

    Forget changing your own tire. Get a beefy guy to do it.

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  4. My young son and I changed a tire once. We put it on backwards. I discovered this years later. My mechanic said, you’re lucky you didn’t crash somewhere. I never change tires any more. I was so fixated on the tire business, I already forgot the other items you mentioned. 😃

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