Art du Jour 65

There’s been a long convoluted detour away from my original intent to draw lots of faces, so I steered myself back in that direction today with this sketch.

The woman who plays Phryne Fisher (Essie Davis) has beautiful deep-set eyes, incredible cheekbones and a perfect heart-shaped face. All of that makes her Dutch boy bob look like a million bucks.  I wore my hair like this when I was six.  I did not look this good.  If you didn’t know that’s who this is supposed to be, that’s okay.  It’s still an interesting face and worth the big charcoal mess I’ve made.

Feels like I’ve been on vacation for a week with all this Netflix watching.   At least I’m feeling slightly less guilty about it now for having finished this.

And now I deserve another cup of coffee without any charcoal dust floating in it.  Hope you’re having a fantastic Friday!

18 thoughts on “Art du Jour 65

    • I stared at her face for many days, but the actual sketch took part of a morning. I find if I fuss too much with something I ruin it. It’s only about 9 x 7 inches and stuck on a random piece of paper so I could stand it up to take a photo.

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  1. Great job. I knew it was Phrynne before I read your piece. Did you know she was from Tasmania (I think). I read her bio on the PBS network. Love her, and David loves her more. We’re into Aussie TV big time. I have cheek bones somewhere.

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