Art du Jour 66

Here are some serious Saturday morning doodles. Inspiration comes from Jill at Jill’s Art Journal (My Head In The Clouds Part 1 and Part 2).

Started off last night with random watercolours on watercolour paper, a few ink spritzes, some salt, some alcohol….(on the paper, not consumed). Although consumed might have added something. I find wetting the paper on both sides keeps it from curling as it dries. But drying time is no doubt longer.  Overnight works well.

This morning I sat down to doodle some space creatures and maps of imaginary continents.
And finally, because I don’t know when to stop, I tried out my new ink stamps on the boring blank bits and added a purple gelato border.

I had a job once as a receptionist at a woodworking place where I answered the phone and wrote up orders, processed time cards and looked after payroll. The other 95% of my time was spent doodling. It was either doodle or die of boredom. Anyway, I’d forgotten how easily amused I can be by my own ink scribbles on paper.

Just like Jill promised, this was fun! Why is being lost in the moment doing something relatively unimportant so damned much fun? One of life’s mysteries I guess.  Have a doodle happy day.

26 thoughts on “Art du Jour 66

    • Yes, sure beats staring off into space! lol Had a prof once who talked for 50 minutes about how television worked. I signed up for a media course, not electronics. I bet there were a hundred doodle pages from that lecture alone. 😄


  1. It’s always fun stopping by your blog…I like the colors in this piece and the fact that you made up a word to define the process.

    I tagged you for a 3 day/3 quote challenge, hopefully you’ll accept. Your artwork inspires such a pairing with ease, I thought you might enjoy doing this. I’d love to see what you come up with (deets on my latest posting)

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    • My brother doodled and commented everywhere in all his high school text books. They were passed on to me, and made every subject he found boring very entertaining from a different perspective. 😄

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