Three Quotes: The End


“The sky both exists and doesn’t exist. It has substance and at the same time doesn’t. And we merely accept that vast expanse and drink it in.”
― Haruki Murakami

Please feel free to take up the challenge of Three Quotes in Three Days.  Thanks again to Laura Bruno Lilly for passing this challenge along to me.

How do you like the blues in that sky?  Is that not a vast expanse worth drinking in?  This is a phone photo taken in the spring through the front window of my car (don’t worry, I was parked).  At first I couldn’t figure out why the top of the sky was such a vivid blue until I remembered with a forehead smack and an eye roll that there’s a blue tint at the top of my windshield.  So there you go, a secret filter photo.  If great photographers are not supposed to reveal their secrets, that’s why I’m not one of them.

Our weather has been up and down and all over the place this week.  The sunny cheery blue sky suddenly grows menacing and dark, the wind comes up and the thunder grumbles and rolls.  Rain falls in buckets or fine mists, but in such short bursts that if you turn away you might miss it.  Then the sun comes back out to say “just kidding” until it’s warm enough again to turn the fans back on.  Rewind and repeat.  About four times a day.

I’ve been using this unpredictable weather as an excuse for not walking to the grocery store which is only a couple of blocks from my house because I would not like to get caught in the rain and struck by lightning.  Even though I am out of coffee cream, which is pretty strong motivation.  And driving there would be the height of slothful lackadaisicalness.  Yes, that is a real word.  It means unwillingness to get off your butt.  Or out of your car to take a normal photo.

Hope your Wednesday is wonderful in a lackadaisical laid back way.  I’ve had fun matching pictures to quotes!  You should try it.

13 thoughts on “Three Quotes: The End

  1. And I was so impressed by those layers of blues!

    How can you possibly survive without cream in your coffee?

    Here is an odd geographical fact about coffee cream, avocados, and the U.S.–I wonder if Canada has any equivalents?:

    In the east, coffee is often had strong and black (or black with sugar). In southern Cal, it is preferred weak, with milk or cream. Big deal, huh? Except: As I lived in different places, my taste buds shifted to prefer my coffee to match my locale.

    In the northeast, old as I am, growing up, avocados were unknown to most. The first time a group of us tasted one, we literally thought it had no flavor at all–it was just green bland nothing. Years later, living in southern Cal, I taste ‘cado and–Biff! Bam! Powee! True love. Then I move East again, and–green bland nothing, even for ‘cados shipped from L.A. Then, I move back to L.A. and–Love, refound.

    I find this stuff most odd and interesting.

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    • It is very interesting! When I was in Greece for three weeks I thoroughly enjoyed their Greek salads full of cucumbers. The entire rest of my life before and after I HATE cucumbers.

      Today I drank my coffee black. It was great. Laziness wins. lol

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      • That is good stuff, about those cukes. I remembered the same happened for me with fresh coconut: In Hawaii, love it. Here? Yuck!

        I doubt it is solely psychological. There must be a biological reason (besides the obvious one of only certain plants being available in each area) for why different taste preferences arise in each locale.


  2. I’m impressed with your photo – filter and all. Last time I took one through the windscreen I realised my car needed washing.
    Lackadackadowots is a great word but I’d have to leave this page to check the spelling and my tasty cuppa is as black as I can get it so no need to leave the house as yet.

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