Art du Jour 69

It’s too hot to breathe. I am tucking the memory of these scorched summer days deep in my brain so I can pop them up for perusal next January.

See, that wasn’t really complaining, was it? And I drummed up sufficient ambition to complete this big canvas using my ripped up book as a base. Even though the temperature in my house has climbed to 26 and it feels like well over 30 outside.

The interesting thing about this mixed media piece is how the ink bled up through the white texture paste, so I just let it be.  Happy accident, pulling the base colours up to the surface.

Anyway, it’s too hot to talk about it.  I need more ice.  And I would like to get back to watching a documentary about Nina Simone.  It could never be too hot for that.

9 thoughts on “Art du Jour 69

  1. I’m with Jill! ‘yummy colours and textures–and fun to look at’. Here in Kamloops it went to 40C — now, at 5:30 a.m. it is 25C. But…unlike most of the country, we have zilch humidity–it is dry heat. Still….
    It is great to see that even when uncomfortable, your work shines.


  2. Your art piece is exquisite and beautiful! The bleeding paint colors created a “dreamy” look to this piece.
    It is hot here, visiting Mom at her senior living apt. She likes the sliding door open to allow hot breeze to come in. I realize I am blessed to be sitting here with her watching TV and now, you see I tucked a minor complaint tucked into this comment. 🙂

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