Art du Jour 75

Among the many reasons why I don’t like to draw the faces of men, these two are the biggest. Their ears are so visible and over all they are generally so incredibly hairy.

So,try to ignore the ears which I couldn’t be bothered finishing, and the inaccurate directions in which the stubble appears to be headed. Other than that, I am calling it okay. Not just another pretty face, and more challenging than anything on a Friday really needs to be.

Today the weather is cool with gusty winds and welcome rain. Perfect for staying inside and messing about with charcoal. I’ve lost track of how many coffees I’ve consumed.

I should tell you that this drawing was inspired by a photo of Hugh Laurie. Now you don’t have to wonder who it vaguely reminds you of any longer. This information might even give you something totally different to wonder about.

And on that note, in this world full of wonder, have a wonderful weekend!

15 thoughts on “Art du Jour 75

  1. Wow, this is really impressive, Lin! You’ve done a wonderful job with this very interesting face!! Way to go, lady. PS the expression is so cool, I’d have never veered over to the ears if you hadn’t mentioned. I said “wow” when I saw this! 💜

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  2. Ha, I couldn’t remember his real name, but said right away, “Dr. House!” Awesome. Also, though, this rendering of him makes visible the little boy he once was, and somewhere inside, still is. You have such a gift.

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