A Walk Around the Block


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When Canada Post ended home delivery and advised us that our new mailboxes would be situated a mere four or five houses away, out the window went my plans to use fetching the mail as my new fitness plan. The boxes being so close also made it very hard to justify complaining bitterly about the inconvenience. However, I devised a new plan to head off in the wrong direction and go all the way around the block, thus giving me some much needed exercise and another reason to be annoyed.

The first two days of the new mail delivery system I took the car. Yes I did. Not specifically to get the mail, but I was out doing other things and it seemed foolish to drive by the mailboxes without stopping. The next day I walked directly to the mailboxes and back. It took less than five minutes.

Today I did the around the block thing. I braved kids on bikes and random pedestrians and oncoming traffic and probably blisters. I should check. Maybe I won’t be able to go the distance again tomorrow.

No, I’m fine. Damn.

This is not even the most fun I’ve had all day, believe it or not. I spent a couple of hours this morning amassing loot and filling my storage containers and watching my troops die in Clash of Clans. I cannot explain why this is fun, it just is. I especially like the wizards in their little blue hoodies.

Anyway, it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, and my pictures are proof that I was out there! What bliss if my life never gets any more complicated than this.

18 thoughts on “A Walk Around the Block

  1. I don’t know what tickled me more the “No, Iโ€™m fine. Damn.” or the fact that you photo documented your walk as proof! Ha, sounds like something I’d do!

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  2. How clever of you to combine getting the mail with some exercise. Mine is still delivered to the door– so I don’t have that as an excuse. Unless I did a few sets of stairs and then went to the front door.. oh there are possibilities! Be careful on the road, those pedestrians are looking at their phones and those kids on bikes are wired to headphones.

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  3. I have to get up off the sofa and walk all the way to the doormat to collect my post. It’s like, a 4 metre round trip. That’s about all the exercise I can handle. I try to combine it with a bathroom trip so I don’t have to get up twice ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. Delightful story Grandmalin… Except next time I go on a walk around the block with you… I’m going to take my oxygen… You walked a little fast for this old man. Thanks for sharing your proof of journey with us… Brightened my day…
    Hope your evening is most beautiful

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