Some Days Are Like This

imageNormally I would not in a hundred bazillion years share a photo of my fridge interior with strangers.  Or friends or family or anyone.  You just never know what totally embarrassing thing might be in there waiting to make you look bad.

But I am rather proud of my flyer-advertisement-worthy appliance today so you get to see it.  Plus, I have nothing else to tell you except my fridge cleaning story.  Close your eyes and put your headphones on, I don’t care, I’m telling it.

In a fit of blazing enthusiasm, perhaps brought on by the heat, I emptied this thing out, took out all the pieces and cleaned the shelves and the drawers and the glass pieces thoroughly in warm soapy water and dried them all with many towels until they were shiny clean and as sparkly as old well-used pieces of fridge can get.

Putting everything back together was a pain in the butt.  There are shelves that slide back and forth and in and out, and no matter how they are arranged there’s aways some stupid food product that won’t fit right on any of them.  What ever happened to fridges where you didn’t have any of these annoying choices and you could blame someone else for where you were forced to put things?  Throwing out mystery items and  expired things helped to balance my mood.  Like olives with a best before date of April, 2014.  And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Proving that housework never ends (until you put your foot down and tell yourself to just stop it) I carried on to the pantry cupboard and straightened that up as well.

The reason for doing all this?  I was making a shopping list and I have a bad habit of not looking hard enough for something and ending up purchasing another one of whatever it is that has gone missing behind a bunch of other stuff….you know how it goes.  So now I have a really great list and no energy left to go anywhere with it.

But wow, look at that fridge!  There’s actually an empty shelf.  And many many lemons for some reason that escapes me right now.

A super organized person I’m guessing could make two shopping lists.  The second one could be called “Do Not Buy” (because you already have lots even though while you are shopping you will forget this and throw random items that you purchase regularly in to your cart just in case.)  With my luck the lists would get switched.

So super organized might not be as super as we assume.  I’m not going to risk it anyway.  But I AM going to risk grocery shopping once again, this time armed with a little more knowledge than usual.  Let’s see how that goes.

38 thoughts on “Some Days Are Like This

  1. Fantastic! I remember seeing an old fridge in somebody’s apartment (not mine) where there was a column of ants entering and leaving through a gap in the plasticy-rubber door lining. Fascinating to see, the ones leaving seemed to be shivering…

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  2. “…I was making a shopping list and I have a bad habit of not looking hard enough for something and ending up purchasing another one of whatever it is that has gone missing behind a bunch of other stuff…” oooh, I wish you hadn’t nailed so totally what goes on here all the time! Now I’ve got to do my own cupboard cleaning (smile).

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  3. In my opinion, the worst part of cleaning the fridge is not the inside but that nasty grill thing near the front floor that gets all grimey, as well as the top, which no one ever sees and so never gets cleaned.


  4. I keep meaning to clean my fridge but I keep putting it off…so glad to see one of us is organized! 😊 I have sauerkraut juice fixed permanently into the bottom shelf. Maybe buying a new fridge would be easier than cleaning this one! Hmmm… LOL! 😏

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    • Yes! Why do messes keep happening? I used to always say to my kids when their rooms were cleaned up “now let’s keep it this way!” Like that ever happened. Obviously I was not teaching by example. 😄


  5. Hmm .. a lemony time of year…..I too discovered several lemons that I no longer remember why I bought them. I am very impressed, almost inspired, but I think I’ll sleep on it before I start digging through my fridge. 🙂


  6. I’m very impressed with your clean and very tidy fridge. It puts mine to shame 😉 – you’ve inspired me to clear out and clean my fridge too as it’s rather overdue. I seem to have collected a large selection of sauces, pickles, mayos, olives etc. (probably well out of date by now). Some are stuck to the glass shelf they’ve been there for so long! Yuck! I love the idea of having buy me and do not buy me shopping lists. I have the same habit as you of not checking what I’ve got already before going out and buying more of the same thing.

    I don’t suppose you have a blog post about clearing out the cupboard under the stairs, do you? I could do with a few tips and a heck of a lot of inspiration 🙂 .

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