Art du Jour 78

Sketch of a little dog I never met.

Sketch of a little dog I never met.

My life lately has been one big series of breaks. I’m running out of reasons (excuses) to take them. Maybe I’m just resting up for non stop November blogging from hell. (That’s not exactly what it’s called, but close.)

A couple of weeks ago I flew/drove/crossed a river by boat to spend several days on our little island in gorgeous fall weather. My sister and brother-in-law drove from the other direction and all of us helped W close up camp for the winter. It’s a two-day drive for both of us to get home. And then straight away I drove 5 hours north to spend some time with 4 of my grandchildren. Not sure how useful I’m being, but I’m here for a couple more days. Number one grandson turns 14 tomorrow.

W is busy at home preparing himself with appointments and paperwork for his hip replacement surgery. We are hoping it will be scheduled for early next month if not sooner. I will be his chief post surgery care giver. How scary is that? Not for me, for him. I’ve got my own scary stuff going on with two ultrasounds and a mammogram booked for next Friday. October is health month at our house. Flu shots are coming up too.

For the next three months I’m on a diabetic medication because blood work revealed that my blood sugar levels are all out of whack. I hardly ever eat sugary things, but I guess sitting on my retired ass for a year has messed up my metabolism or something. There’s always something. So yeah. Working on that.

So that’s my missing-in-action excuse list for now. The sketch is from a photo. I will get back to working in my “art studio” soon, and back to reading your blogs. I miss those things.

I have all the paraphernalia at home to check my blood sugar levels. ย It involves sharp things and a bio-hazardous waste receptacle, so when I work up the nerve to start using all that, I will share the experience with you. ย Self inflicted pain coming up. ย Woohoo.

Have an awesome October weekend!


26 thoughts on “Art du Jour 78

  1. Best to you and all that is upcoming in the next few months. Why is it that fall always seems to bring changes that aren’t necessarily welcome…seems to be that many of us have to function with this seasonal change, and that it escalates in the fall for some odd reason.

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    • Maybe that’s why fall is my second least favourite season… But for now the weather is beautiful so we will enjoy it while it lasts. Looking at it through medical facility windows….lol


  2. Hope you and W are soon back in blooming good health. These bodies eh?! You never know what you’re gonna get. Every time Don and I get back to Canada we start the round of doctors and wish we hadn’t because they find things! I took care of my sister post hip replacement. The first week is worst. After that things seemed to come good fairly quickly. I’m sure you’ll manage. Good luck for all round speedy recoveries.

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    • Yes, what is up with these doctors continually finding things?? I SO don’t want to become an old lady obsessed with my medical problems to the point where I have nothing else to talk about. That and who died today….
      Thx Alison, I’m sure we’ll muddle our way through the recovery process.๐Ÿ˜„

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  3. I have missed seeing your posts! Love your sweet little dog you did here! ๐Ÿ™‚ Sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now – so don’t worry about blogging. Taking care of you and family is most important! Do take good care, my friend!

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  4. Two words spring to mind, “Oh, crap.” I’m sorry the Autumn is being a downer of sorts.. The hip replacement recuperation goes faster than one thinks (knees and shoulders are the more complicated pain- and mobility-wise). He should do well, but for cryin’ out loud, I hope you come back in here with good news of ruled-out things for yourself..

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  5. Best wishes with the sharp things, the scary things, and the out-of-whacky things. We’ll all be here with open arms when you’re ready to be back — and are all here now, holding good thoughts, as long as you need to be away.

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  6. Look at the bright side…of all the ailments you could develop, diabetes is the most entertaining. Constant testing and all those cute gizmos. I mean what else does a retiree have to occupy herself? ๐Ÿ˜ท

    As for care of a spouse, I am the nurse from hell. David’s well on his way to recovery from replacement #3. Remember to keep laughing. It only hurts for a little while. ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

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  7. I wondered where you had gotten to. Glad to see this post and sorry to hear about your health challenges. My husband pricks himself each morning, and it’s helped keep him on track. Take all the time you need and I’ll look forward to your return.

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  8. My number one grandson turned 14 in August. I have a bunch of health stuff going on too this month. I hope I can keep up with blogging every day in November too. I’ve been MIA a bit for the past week or so too. Hope all help issues are okay. Puppy is adorable.

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  9. cute doggie.
    Good luck with W’s hip replacement. My husband has had both done. If he wants to talk to someone who has already gone through it let me know. Sucks about the sugar. I have sugar issues also. I love the fall, but it doesn’t sound fun if it’s your ‘health’ month. Good luck with everything.

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  10. I was so happy to see your face pop up on my notifications tonight! I hope things are good, and I look forward to your next report or art du jour or complaint, whenever you get to it. Also, I really hope your mention about November in this post had to do with frequent writing around here (NaNoSomethingorOther?), because I miss you ๐Ÿ™‚

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