New Hip Day

My November Day Three

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Just look at this weather! Would you go out in that? Those are some giant killer snowflakes falling from the sky. I wonder if my neighbor ever wonders why I take so many pictures of his garage.

W has been safely delivered to the hospital for his surgery. We had to arrive before eight so we avoided the worst of the morning traffic, and we missed only one turn. Seriously, what are the odds? It was the last major one before the surgery centre, so no panic. We gave ourselves lots of time to drive around in circles.

It’s wonderful to be able to park your vehicle right at the door for fifteen minutes to unload your patient and help him carry all his stuff in and up to the second floor. It’s orthopaedic surgery so they are used to slow hobblers with crutches and walkers and canes.

Leaving the city centre and getting home was simple, since most of the traffic is headed in the opposite direction in the morning. And now I’m waiting to hear how it all went. And thinking up excuses for not walking outside today.

I might miss a phone call. I have a big pot of vegetable soup simmering on the stove. There’s no one here to point out to me that I haven’t gone for a walk yet. My finger tips hurt. My glasses might fog up. It’s Tuesday. The snow has stopped falling for now, but it’s impossible to predict when it might start up again. Do I really want to get caught out in that?

Yes, those are all pretty lame reasons, but the mini trampoline is also calling me; “…it’s outside or me, you can’t ignore both of us!” Sigh. Some people talk to their pets or their plants, but I don’t have either of those. It’s just me and the furniture.

It’s so quiet in here without the resident noise maker who has the satellite radio and the tv and the computer going all at once while he’s talking on the phone or trying to tell me something from three rooms away.

Anyway, enough blather for November Post Number Three. Stay tuned (or tuned out) for more exciting trips to the scary city centre coming up soon.

12 thoughts on “New Hip Day

  1. Snow, soup and staying inside are all a great combination. I loved your words shared here. Also, hoping W’s surgery goes well. The good thing is, it is a planned surgery and not due to a fall.
    Mom’s fall about 3 months ago meant a shattered hip so she was released from therapy into my care. I am up at her senior living apt., assessing her strengths and needs for her care team. We celebrated her 87th birthday on Sunday with other family members.
    I appreciate your liking my recent posts. 🙂 I miss the grandkids and was happy they have been sending me Halloween picture messages.
    Your art has always enchanted me. ♡

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  2. Beautiful pictures! I’m not a fan of snow, especially getting out in it, but it is pretty to look at. Hoping all goes well with the surgery. My husband had his right hand operated on yesterday. He’s doing ok, except trying to do things with his left hand…;-) … That’s funny…pointing your camera at the neighbor’s garage… I do the same around our neighborhood! Cheers for day # 3 on NaBloPoMo!!!

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