Coming Up Home Care

This is where a person would normally say something profound about the fork in the road, but sorry, I've got nothing.

This is where a person would normally say something profound about the fork in the road.  Sorry, I’ve got nothing.

My November, Days Four and Five

Theres a reason why I did not commit or swear on a stack of holy books to post every single day of this month.  Because I know me and my procrastinating ways.

Yesterday I went to see W in his hospital bed.  He is doing well, all things considered, and in good spirits, which is half the battle after surgery.  He is coping well with the pain and doing everything he is told.  I delivered his phone to him, and the newspaper and his bathrobe.  He seriously is one of the most out going people I have ever known.  He engages everyone in conversation and learns more about a person’s life in five minutes than I would be able to figure out in a week.  I rarely remember someone’s name.  But I think he knows everybody on his floor.  So of course they all know him.

He has a room to himself and many attentive people taking care of him. He really likes the hospital food.  I wonder if that says something about my cooking….

He looked tired when I left, so I decided to leave him to his other visitors today, but I will be there to pick him up when he is discharged tomorrow morning.

And then I suppose the real fun begins when I get to play home care nurse.  Fun times.  We will muddle through.


23 thoughts on “Coming Up Home Care

  1. I saw that photo and noticed the trash can on the right side… That’s about as profound as I’m going to get this late in the day.

    Sending love and best wishes to you and your W, for the muddling ahead. Remember to take care of yourself, too. Breaks are important. ❤️

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  2. You’ll be fine muddling through. I took care of my sister after her hip replacement and it all went okay. The worst thing was for about the first week or so it looked like one leg was significantly shorter than the other and we both freaked out and thought the surgeon had made some serious mistake, but it all righted itself with time. Also she is allergic to most pain medications which made things a bit more difficult. If W can take his pain meds you’ll be fine. I hope you have all the usual helper thingies like a seat for the shower and a walker, etc. We were able to borrow them all from the Red Cross for just a donation.

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    • I’ve heard that they expect the new hip to settle in so they make their calculations accordingly. Also heard if you over do things it will settle in too much…amazing the stuff one hears…and then imagines on top of it all. Yes we have all the new hip accessories, walker, crutches, bathroom helpers etc. Raised chair with arms. It’s going to be a learning experience that’s for sure.

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  3. Humor will help you through this time. 😜 Remember this too shall pass! 😳 Ok, this is what I REALLY know… You can’t take care of others unless you make time to take care of you! 😊 I have learned this lesson the hard way! 😩 It is Ok to ask others for help. Ask your Dr to have a visiting nurse or someone come in and check on W in the beginning if you need it. Thinking of you! ❤️

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    • Well we have nothing much else to do except look after each other. My favourite thing is sitting around doing nothing, so we can do that together. haha😄 We know the first couple of weeks will be challenging and every day will get better.

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  4. Hmm. Saying some for you and yours. I got a shot in my knee today in hopes of putting off my knee replacement surgery until after Christmas. I will be monitoring W’s progress closely! And taking notes for my husband. 🙂

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    • …I’ve been told I have a condition similar to gout, only in the knee, which only cortisone injections will alleviate. The very thought of that procedure makes me squirm into pretzel-like shapes. You are more a man than I certainly am, Eileen. I hope you benefit greatly from it.

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      • The pain of the shot wasn’t pleasant, but was very short and my knee is much better today. I whimpered and cringed a little and was a bit embarrassed about that. Maybe you could pinch yourself somewhere and focus on that! 🙂 Whimpering and cringing is harder on a man, I know. I long ago decided that women outlive men because we were allowed to cry, which is not a sign of weakness, but just a release of emotions that can fester if you don’t get them out in a non-violent way. Now women are out trying to be men in the work place, so we’ll probably live shorter lives too.
        I was once a women’s lib sort of person. Now I think we shot ourselves in the foot!

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  5. ….that photograph is poignant in and of itself. I am glad you took it and glad you posted it. It is so obviously a drive leading to an institution that it leaves one with a rather blank, bland, ‘let’s-just-keep-going-and-get-through-this’ feeling. Few would stop at this to photograph it, and yet doing so captures the feeling of empty choices ahead–choices not wanted but foisted upon. Once the mending happens and independence is again cherished, you’ll be glad to allow Mr. W to take on being ‘normal’ again, yes?

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    • Good idea! lol. When I was there his lunch was celery soup, tossed salad, egg and lettuce sandwich, fruit cup and tea. God help me if I can’t manage that menu. I think he’s just more hungry than usual. Yeah, that must be it. 😄


    • I took the photo because of the little hill in the background. When we were buying our house we went for a walk around the area and climbed that hill to get a better look at it. Or something like that. It was years ago. It would probably take us all day to climb up there now.

      Maybe I could write a recipe book with that title! Too funny. 😄😄

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    • Nope, he is neither one of those things. When I show him my art he just looks confused. As long as he has the computer, the newspaper, his phone and the tv he will be fine. And someone to complain to. I guess that will be me. 😄

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