How To Amuse Yourself While Waiting

My November Day Eight
While waiting this morning at the lab for W to get his blood work done, I saw a poster like this one across the room. The small print was too far away to read, but what would I need to read it for? I am smart and can figure things like this out. Right?

P   Pull something.
A   Agonize over the possibility that you just pulled the wrong thing.
S   Stop pulling random things, you moron!
S   Start running.
Ha! Pretty close, hey?

If you are ever in a burning building with me you will be safe as long as you can run fast.  Beyond that I’m not making any promises.

It’s a rather gloomy overcast day with wet snow and rain and a biting wind.  Perfect for lighting a gingerbread candle and staying the hell indoors.

Hope you’re snug and warm and having a relaxing Sunday afternoon.

5 thoughts on “How To Amuse Yourself While Waiting

  1. I have to take the computer module at work every year that contains the PASS system of using an extinguisher. And even though Mecca doesn’t require me to attempt to put out a fire on my own, they still require me to know this…. so if I’m ever in the situation, I’ll now remember your new PASS system and get the marshmallows.

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  2. Whenever I’m in a hospital or doctor waiting room I end up reading all the leaflets on the wall about hideous diseases to watch out for. First I have a surreptitious look around to see if any of my fellow wait-ees might have one, then I convince myself that I have all of them 😦


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