Checking In and Out

My November Days Nine and Ten

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We have had a busy week. This recovery thing is not for wimps. But all the up and down and in and out and ice on and off and meds and exercises and EVERYTHING frankly, gets a little easier every day. When I sit down I don’t have the energy to pick up a pencil, so my adult relaxation colouring consists of tapping on my iPad. Using colours that are easy to reach.

And when even that requires too much effort, there’s Netflix. W has been watching old John Wayne movies on the laptop, so to drown out that noise I turn up “How To Get Away With Murder.”

Haha….don’t worry, it’s not giving me any crazy ideas. Except maybe about lawyers and criminals and how sometimes it’s hard to determine which is which.

Next Monday the staples come out! Those things are nasty looking heavy-duty hunks of metal. Neither of us will miss them when they’re gone.

Okay we are all nodding off here (yes, you were yawning too, don’t try to deny it) so that’s it for this lame excuse for a November post.

We are alive and fine. That’s all I really wanted to say.

21 thoughts on “Checking In and Out

  1. Well, praise God! DH and I were marveling that his hip replacement was exactly a year ago this week.. On one hand, it doesn’t seem like a year — more like a few months; on the other, it seems dozens of years ago! He’s carrying things up and down ladders, etc. — has been for quite some time, now. Well, W won’t want to be doing that just yet, lol — glad you checked in here and you must know that we’re all quietly keeping you two in thought and prayer.

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    • Thanks relax❤️❤️. Yesterday he went for a walk with his crutches down the driveway and past the next door neighbour’s house!! Today he is complaining about a sore knee and after that I have zero sympathy I’m afraid. Men really love to learn things the hard way. lol

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  2. I would say, Ben there done that, or something equally hackneyed, but I won’t. Instead I will say your sense of humor is shining through and I envy you. I stopped feeling humorous a while back. Have a good weekend…or whatever!


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