13 thoughts on “Sharing My World 40

  1. I’m looking forward to December….last Christmas I didn’t celebrate the way my mom would have liked so this year I honor her by doing it right! I’m a hugger, mushrooms and bacon, not sure about the logo, I seek my solace in my imagination and I am grateful that I have a creative escape. Have a great week!

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  2. I hug people I care about that I haven’t seen in a while. Otherwise, not so much. love the sunlight and colors coming through your window. Things like that seem like magical moments reminding us that there is beauty and love in the world.
    There are snow flakes floating around your post. Did you do that?
    How is W’s knee? Are things getting back to normal around your house?
    My knee has somehow improved, so may not rush into surgery if this continues;.
    Hope you have a beautiful Christmas with just enough snow, but not too much.

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    • I can’t see the snowflakes on my iPad, but it’s a WP thing from a couple or three years ago, can’t remember how to turn it off, but it ends automatically in January. W is doing great with his hip. Glad to hear your knee is improving. Would be nice to avoid surgery, that’s for sure. Beautiful mild winter so far! Will enjoy it for as long as it lasts.


  3. It is funny, since I wandered on the box which says you liked a post of mine abd they had choices to check out of your posts. The one I chose was of 2012. It made me happy to see I was there with you in that year. Happy 3 years of staying in touch. Maybe not as close as family but much better than once a year Christmas cards! 🙂 Happy holidays. Follow the star. . . ☆!

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