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Favourite thing to photograph? Write? Or Cook?

I like to photograph my art work in different lights and mess around editing the colours.  Then I can see things that need fixing.  Isn’t that weird?  You would think flaws would be easier to see in real life rather than on a screen.  I also like to take pictures of the outside from the inside, i.e. my back and front yards through the windows.   That is also weird, but I expect the novelty will wear off soon.  Well let’s hope so anyway.  Lately it’s my jungle themed Christmas.  See above for clarification.  Or consternation, your choice.

Obviously I enjoy writing about myself, I do so much of it, and that probably will never get old for any of us, because what else do we know more about?  Or less about and are still trying to write it all down to figure it out?   Poetry (even if it’s bad) is fun and challenging, but I haven’t written any for a long time.  And short stories are as ambitious as my fiction gets.  I don’t think I have the attention span to write anything longer.

There is nothing I LIKE to cook.  The only reason I do it at all is to keep myself from starving to death.

Did you like swinging as a child? Do you still get excited when you see a swing?

Yes, I loved swinging as a child!  No, I don’t get excited when I see swings these days because they’re never old tires tied to thick ropes dangling from real trees!  Now that’s exciting.  Dad made those for us as well as the kind with big fat board seats.  And here’s another weird thing.  Kids twisting themselves around and around until the swing ropes are super tight and then letting themselves go to spin back in the other direction until they’re so dizzy they could puke.  Best fun ever.  Second best fun for us was going as high as we could go until we were at the peak of the forward swing and then jumping off into nothing but blue sky.  We wanted to see who could travel the greatest distance and marked our landing spots in the dirt with a stick.  My brother always won that one, no contest.  The last time we played it he also broke his arm.

What has surprised you about blogging?

How much I like people!  Well, that came out wrong.  How connected I feel to so many different bloggers from so many different places, who have lives so very different from mine.  And yet we are alike.  It’s a beautiful thing.  So many people with so many stories to tell, so many friends I’ve never met but have come to know and love and look forward to hearing from every day.  And when they’re not around I miss them.

List at least five favorite desserts.

Well what a thing to ask of a newly diagnosed diabetic.  Three months ago if I thought about it at all, I imagined diabetics were people who ate entire cakes for breakfast and a box of donuts for lunch.  I can take or leave desserts and rarely eat them, so it all seemed terribly unfair.  I have learned so much since then.  Like how lucky I am to not crave sweet things.  My body has a hard enough time with potatoes or bananas or toast.

Anyway, yes, I remember desserts!  Chocolate ice cream, brownies, coconut cream pie, carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and chewy oatmeal raisin cookies.  I like those five, but can’t remember the last time I ate any of them.  I think it’s strange how we mess around with fruit making it in to pies and jams and cobblers and tarts.  Just eat the damn raw fruit, it’s fine the way it is.  Said the person who hates to cook.

Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I am grateful that W has not mentioned anything about Christmas music until today.  Wow, the 17th of December.  That’s gotta be a new record.  Normally by the 7th or so I am already having that swing twirling puke-type reaction to anything Jingle Bells related.  Now we have the sat radio on one of the (least offensive to me) Christmas stations.  He set the volume and I turned it down a notch.  See how we compromise and get along?  If he turns it to the country channel we are getting a divorce.

So next week is Christmas!  Wow, that snuck up on us while we weren’t looking.  There will be a turkey dinner but I don’t know yet what day, just that it will be after the 25th this year.  I like to carry on my mother’s tradition of celebrating Christmas on whatever day appears to be the one on which the highest number of people are likely to show up.  The Wing-It Family Christmas.

W’s six-week check up is next week (he will actually be seven weeks post op by then) and he should get the okay to drive, fingers crossed.  The chauffeurs life is not for me and I will gladly give it up.

Have a Happy Thursday and a great rest of the week!


9 thoughts on “Sharing My World 42

  1. Definitely agree with you on the positives of blogging, and I so miss the connection with folks when they are away. Seems lately that many of the bloggers I follow have disappeared for various reasons, and it started well before the holiday so I can’t blame business. I can admit though that it is hard to sustain a blog, busy or not, especially when the purpose is so ill-defined, as in my case. Oh well, I would love to have your ability to leave aside sweet things…I am so addicted, but thankfully am not looking at diabetes (fingers always crossed) and I do try to stay in some control 😉

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  2. I had to laugh at the tire swing. My daughter and son told me that they talked us into a particular house just because it had a tire swing in the back. Hubby and I liked it for other reasons. But when she went to buy her first home recently…yep, there was a tire swing ! ☺ She’s 32 now. Some things never change ?


  3. They sure drag out recovery in your neck of the woods. Yes the chauffeur’s life is not for me either. I made David drive as soon as he could. to pay me back he has decided to give up driving forever. I handed him the bus schedules and said, ‘Better get your skates on.” Merry Christmas to you and yours.


  4. Diabetes is a huge drag. You probably give all the dets in earlier posts… What was/were your symptom(s) that led to that? Was THAT your foot pain culprit? Are you okay? Is your circulation okay, I mean? Are you following the exchange diet (the easiest, I think–that’s the one I’ve used.)

    I know your doc must have said make sure to get up and walk every hour for a few minutes. Or do jumping jacks. Or get one of those kid’s inflatable weighted clown punching bags, tape the word “Diabetes” to it, and give it a few good kicks every hour.

    With my stupid diet (no gluten, corn or tomatoes or their derivatives, no legumes, cruciferous veggies, shellfish, turkey…sigh) I think what a horror it would/will be if I go back into diabetes (the lupus can throw me into it, and my sugar is borderline now). I’d have to give up my tiny tweak of creamer (6 gm. sugar) in my coffee twice daily, and my occasional GF chocolate (1000 gm sugar).

    I’ll be living on the only brand of broth that’s gluten- and corn-free, and a measured quantity of rice crackers, bananas, carrots, and vitamins! Maybe, with all those carrots, I can throw away my glasses. And I’ll look like I have a nice tan 🙂


    • I really didn’t have any symptoms…went for my normal blood work because I’m on synthroid and had a much too high fasting glucose reading. Now I’m taking metformin twice a day and after three months of testing my blood sugars are fine again. There are no real dietary restrictions except for watching portion size, and sugar, salt and fat content in things. I’ve tried gluten free and grain free (for over a year) and don’t think it made much difference, except now having the habit of eating way less bread has been good.
      I have a niece who has Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and her diet has changed drastically, eliminating so many things it’s mind boggling, but she is doing really well now.
      Our food these days is refined and processed to death and for some people it’s slow poison.
      Yes I am supposed to get off my ass more, and even just walking once a day makes a huge difference in my blood glucose readings.
      What a pain trying to stay alive and healthy, hey???

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      • You said it.

        I’m glad you hadn’t yet developed any symptoms, and that the meds are keeping the sugar tamed. I wouldn’t take the meds ( they wanted me to go straight to the needle, the first time!).

        So THAT’s why you were trying gluten-free. Blech. Not worth it, if you don’t have to–is it?


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